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Monday, March 16, 2015

Useless Updates #1.

I love reading Areeba's Useless Updates posts every week, and I decided.. Whythefucknot join in? After all, Pointless is my middle name. Also she's adorable and I just can't say no to dat face.
Useless Updates
I'm having Supernatural withdrawals since it won't be back on TV for a whole month. Even worse, I've just realised that I've still got three more weeks to wait. I could have sworn it's already been 40 years since I last watched an episode..
.. On the positive side, though, in it's absence, I'm ploughing through the backlog of 90210 episodes I've been meaning to watch.
My iPod decided to shit itself and remove all 1,637 songs from itself. I've spent hours putting everything back on, and I'm still only up to artists starting with G. Eff you, iPod. Eff you.
Also, let's take a moment to appreciate my beautiful nails shown above.
NARRTTTT! I need me a manicure and a fresh coat of Essie stat!
I found this image on Sunday, and it basically sums up my winged eyeliner life to a Goddamn tee!
I just got call number 4,000 the call from Vodafone stating that my phone is due for a free upgrade. Ka-Ching!
My boyfriend showed me a Facebook profile of one 'Waapa Duck' this week. Yes, it's an anonymous person.. posting as a duck and yes, everyone who knows Christie, my life is indeed complete.
I'm participating in Kallie's Mug Swap, and I've just sent off the cutest mug to my owl loving partner, and I can't wait until she receives it. :3
My life is exhilarating, guys.
What are your pointless life updates?


  1. This eyeliner guide is SO GODDAMN STORY OF MY LIFE! Thanks for linking up Christie!

  2. Hi. Found you through Areeba! Isn't she Awesome?! My "smart" phone does that quite a bit! I'll have like a thousand pictures &the stupid things will just vanish! Don't you love technology?!

  3. Haha oh gosh; Literally I can't. D:
    I saw your post the other day about winged liner, actually. You're so good at it and it makes me sad. Come to Australia and do mine for me every single day! x

  4. Ugh. I have no words. I'm so reliant on my phone, I know that I'd die if it were to suddenly break. I didn't think the case was the same with my iPod, but the drive to work is killing me without it. D:
    Damn you, technology. Damn you! x


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