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Monday, March 23, 2015

Useless Updates #2

Useless Updates

Because, pointless facts about my life. That's why.

Lately, the days have been necessitating a cardigan and the nights are getting colder. I guess Autumn really is here, if my Instagram is anything to go by:
I've been pinning recipes like a madman all this month, and I've just noticed that there's not one single thing without either avocado or pumpkin in it. I see what you did there, subconscious.
I used my Lush massage bar on Jesse the other day and he liked it so much I've concluded that he's given me the green light to spend all my pay there every week.
I played my first game of netball in three months last night and I've come down with a case of death. I'm too unfit for this world.

I spent all weekend up in Moore River and took zero photos. Zero. Rendering me a failure when it comes to that photography goal I wanted to achieve this month, and this a pretty pointless update.
I've been messing around with Kylie and Kendal Jenner's favourite selfie app, Perfect 365 and the results have been nothing short of terrifying:
Oh hai, Kim K.
I've also 'beautified' every photo of Jesse I have on my phone mwahaha.

What are your useless life updates from the week?
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