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Monday, March 30, 2015

Useless Updates #3

Useless Updates

Is it kind of asshole-y to assume that people actually care about the pointless little things that goes on within my week? Yes? Well, just call me uncle asshole 'cause here are my (exhilarating) updates from the week:

My dad came home with a tame parrot who landed on his head at work and stayed with him on Thursday.. Knowing full well I have a fear of birds.. This thing is the loudest, devil bird I've ever seen, who flies around squawking and steals any food I have in my hand.
I spent three days watching car events with Jesse. Three! And then we spent our Friday night watching stupid YouTube videos.. Week well spent!
Guys, did you hear? As if you haven't.. Zayn left 1D.
I've been watching reaction videos since I heard the news.. People are literally heartbroken.. Like, bawling. It's crazy. Crazy hilarious for me to watch.

I re-downloaded my nemesis, Snapchat and regretted it as soon as I accepted the backlog of friend requests (are they even called friend requests?) and discovered they were all random Indian men. :(Now that I've sorted who I actually know, and deleted the randoms, let's see how long it is before I rage-delete it again..
I'm too keen for this 4 day weekend over Easter! Getting paid to not work, and having two lots of four day working weeks is okay by me.

What are your useless life updates?


  1. I heard some teen girls sucided over Zayn's leaving the band. IT IS CRAZY!! He's probably sitting on his million dollars couch playing the his favorite video games and people are going nuts! And I hope you find out who owns that annoying parrot haha!
    Thanks for linking up with Useless Updates :)

  2. My God. It's not like he's disappeared! You'll still see him around AND he's literally just released a song with Naughty Boy.. Silly girls! -.- x


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