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Monday, April 13, 2015

Useless Updates #4

Oh, Useless Updates. You're probably my favourite little link-up because a) it's Tuesday morning, and my Monday-it is lasts through to about Thursday afternoon, and b) pointless details about my life belong on the interwebs. Obvs.
Useless Updates

I dropped my phone in the toilet last week (J├Ągermeister is not my friend) and well, it died. But as it turns out, my timing is perfect because remember that free phone upgrade I was banging on about a few weeks back? Yup. Say hello to my new HTC M9 which is way fancier than my old m7, so I don't know how to use it.
Guys, I have an exciting announcement! Natalie and I will be hosting a giveaway, starting tomorrow. Yay for free things! Watch this space. ;)
Attention: Lovers of tea! I took home a box of T2's Banana Bake loose leaf tea to add to my collection after an in-store tasking and my God! It reminds me of banana Nesquik, except, on steroids. Deliciousness steroids. Seriously, this liquid banana bread is the bomb; toasty and nutty - nom!

I fulfilled one of my monthly goals and tried a new recipe from Pinterest. I cooked these spinach & ricotta lasange roll-ups for dinner and they turned out to be pretty tasty. Jesse, Mr carnivore, even enjoyed them. A win in my book.
I went to the movies two days in a row over the long weekend. KA-CHING!
Jesse's mum and sister decided it was time we kicked Jesse out had a girls night and went to see Cinderella. It's amazing, guys. Poor, left out Jesse took me to see Furious 7 the next day.


What are your useless life updates?

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  1. Yay for the new phone! I promise myself that I'd live a total Pinteresty life once I'm done with exams, I'm living in a mess right now!

  2. Ain't no better feeling than that new phone feeling. ;)
    Ahah, if only we could live in a Pinterest world.
    Thanks for reading! x


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