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Monday, May 11, 2015

Useless Updates #6

Useless updates: Because the pointless goings-on in Christie's life are apparently blog-worthy.
BLOG-WORTHY! *shakes fist*
Useless Updates

Almost two weeks on, I'm still forgetting I got a tattoo. I've tried to scrub off what I thought was a black reminder in the shower almost every night.

Did you see? I'm doing yet another giveaway. 'Gee whiz, Christie. You sure are generous'. Oh, I know kind stranger, I know,

I went to (and hardly remember) my cousin's engagement party on Saturday. I'll save the general public from witnessing the monstrosities that are any of the photos I am in, but here are their adorable bride and groom cookies.

I'm beginning to get excited about the upcoming ball that I am attending.
I'm too ready to go ball dress shopping over the weekend.

I treated myself to two new fishies on the weekend as reward for finally giving the tank an overdue manual clean.

What are your useless life updates from the week?
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