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Monday, June 8, 2015

Useless Updates #7

Useless Updates

I confess, I've been somewhat incredibly lazy when it's come down to Useless Updates time.
and but lazy, I mean my life has been sadly uneventful.

Never fear, world! I shall never deprive you of the oh-so exhilarating updated from life again. Never.

I'm really missing the warm days in Dongara - this Winter shit isn't what I'm about.
This photo I took of the beach makes my heart squeeze in the saddest way.

Remember that goal I set myself just this week? The one promising not to murder anyone this month? Well it's June 9 and I'm pretty close.

It was my best friend's birthday yesterday. Apparently nobody but the sober Jesse knows what went on during her weekend celebration. Honestly, I think I'd rather not know, because:
Yup. You may judge accordingly.

This photo is my background to everything. This waiting for a mate bloke is literally a legend in my eyes. Welcome to Australia, folks.

I'm getting pretty shitty at the fact that my phone case still hasn't arrived.
Between the week and-a-half ago it was supposed to arrive and now, I've dropped it a zillion times and scratched the shit out of it.
Christie has a phone case, never drops phone.
Christie doesn't have a phone case, drops phone constantly.
This is real life, people.

Be sure to link your useless updated on up with Areeba.


  1. God I SO want to go to beach, this wave looks beautiful! And dude you went totally crazy at the party haha

  2. Nerrrr. Beachhhh. :( I'm such a Summer child. Who even Winters anyway?

    Dude. You have no idea. Those photos are just the tip of the iceberg. You should see that night's videos. My goodness. The shame. ;)


  3. I want to go to the beach so bad! Sadly, no beach where I stay ;/
    Ahh, I can't even imagine how crazy the party would have been!

    -Kathie K
    A Sea Change

  4. Aww really? It looks like you'll just have to come to Australia, then. ;) Plenty of beaches for you to enjoy hehe. xx


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