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Monday, June 22, 2015

Useless Updates #9

Useless Updates

Oh look! It's that time of the week again. You know, the time when I try to be like Areeba and post my unnecessary and utterly pointless life updates on the interwebz.. Yeah. That time.

Despite the pretty orange leaves I've been posting all over instagram, Winter is definitely here..
..and I fucking hate it.
I mean, everything was going along nicely until Perth decided it'd be fun to have a cold snap. Actually, whatever the next level up from a cold snap is, we're having that.. times 500.
It got down to 2.7 degrees Celsius on my drive to work this morning and let me tell you, that's NOT what I'm about.

And of course, during the coldest, rainiest week of my life, the car saga continues, leaving me stranded in said cold and rain. June hasn't been a good month for my car.

Bet you're sick of hearing about this ball I went to, aren't ya?
Well too bad. I shall post all the ball things because I went, and I met Blake Garvey. Soz not soz.

Guys. I am actually aware that I missed posting last week's Friday Finds.
It was drafted and everything, I just.. didn't post it. Whoops.
I didn't think too many people even read my Friday posts, let alone missed it so much the one week I forgot to post, to the point of emailing me. That's loyalty, yo. You're adorable.

It has come to my attention that I've put on 25kg since meeting Jesse. TWENTY FREAKING FIVE! Both Jesse and I are starting mixed netball again this week, but that's about as far as my dedication to losing weight goes. Basically, this girl is my spirit animal right now.

I'm counting down the days until June 30, when I can finally be free of all this work stress and not have to worry about the fact that I may just murder the next person who dares to phone up about the progress of their tax return when it was handed in to us late. 23 days down, 7 to go.

If you have a Hogs Breath Cafe anywhere near you, and they offer you two cocktails for $21, I recommend you just go right ahead and stick to one.  Because what starts out like this:

Very quickly ends up like this:

Do you have pointless life updates you like to share? Be sure to link them on up with Areeba!

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