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Monday, July 6, 2015

Useless Updates #11.

Useless Updates
Oh look! It's that time of the week again. You know, the time when I try to be like Areeba and post my unnecessary and utterly pointless life updates on the interwebz.. Yeah. That time.

The bosses put on an End of Financial Year lunch for us hard working suckers on Friday and I accidentally (not so accidentally) drank ten too many cocktails. Because free drinks amirite? These passion-lychee's were deliciously dangerous. Oh lawdy.

This glorious video was featured on TV at the start of the week, and I've been watching it on repeat ever since. I. Can't. Even.

My work office is currently undergoing the oh-so-fun process of a re-brand. Part of said re-brand is completely revamping the reception area. Let me tell you, kids: answering the phone whilst high on paint fumes is not a good idea. It'll be worth it in the end, being all modern and pretty, but man have I lost some braincells over the past week or so.

I've really been procrastinating when it comes to that eat less crap goal I set for myself. I was supposed to start last week right after joining the gym. I signed my forms, handed over my money, and immediately went downstairs to purchase waffles. Delicious waffles. THEN I was supposed to start on Monday, being a fresh week and all.. Nope. TODAY IS THE DAY!

Honestly, though. Despite the lack of delicious food I will be able to consume, I really am excited to get this regular gym thing going. Today will be my first gym sesh and I've gotten myself in the mood by pinning ALL the workouts and ALL the protein smoothies allweek, and having a gym buddy who pumps me up on the daily helps too.

A new pub opened up just down the road from home a few weeks back so naturally, Jesse and I gave it a go. Dissappointed, I was not. I ordered a veggie turnover, expecting a small pastie. A monstrous slab of vegetable-y pastry-y goodness was what I got. Mahghad. 

Do you have pointless life updates you'd like to share? Be sure to link them on up with Areeba!


  1. I had started working out and stopped eating fried things and suddenly ramazan started and now all I eat is 200% fried and dipped in all kinda fat and I'm not working out anymore and I'm literally yelling GOOD LUCK CHRISTIE in my mind!!!!

  2. Ahaha your luck is highly appreciated (and much needed). Keep me in your thoughts, Areeba. I've been to the gym twice, I'm eating healthy (no more delicious 200% fried and dipped in all kinda fat food for me) and I'm ready to kill myself. I just want to eat deep fried everything, lay in bed and stay skinny! Is that too much to ask?! x


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