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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

December Look Back and January Goals.

December really isn't a month for goals. I'd usually be disappointed in myself for accomplishing as little as I set out to over the month, but Christmas.. I ain't even mad.
Here's a look back at December's goals:

Try my very best not to eat like shit through the whole of my Christmas break
"I've been doing so well with this weight loss thing, it'd be true Christie fashion to undo all my hard work in the space of a few days. I am permitted to eat like a pig on Christmas Day, because that's how we do, but I'm determined not to make it a month-long junk food saga as per usual."
Cross: Yeah, no. I knew I wouldn't be able to resist ALL THE FOODS.

Lose 1kg
"As I doubt I'll be able to lose the usual 3kg over the silly season, I'd be happy with a 1kg loss this month.. Hell, I'd be happy as long as I don't put on weight this month."
Cross: This kind of goes hand in hand with eating everything I saw over Christmas.. I somehow only managed to gain 1kg, though, which is a lot better than what I was expecting.

Plan a New Year's Eve celebration
"I've had a terrible New Years Eve every. single. year of my life. BUT NOT THIS YEAR, DAMN IT! I want to have my night planned before December 20 to avoid shitty, rushed, last minute misadventures."
Cross: Even though my New Years Eve was spend on the couch watching YouTube with Jesse, it still was the best (read: drama-free) NYE I've ever had. Sad but true.

Concentrate on my event planning dreams
"I'm going to make 2016 the year I focus on pursing my event planning and management dreams, which means December is the month to study, study, study! I have an exciting announcement relating to said dreams, but I'll leave that for another time. ;)"
Tick: I'm surprised I managed to study as much as I did over December. Pats on the back for days. You can read about my above mentioned "exciting announcement" here.

January goals:
I made a list of hopes for 2016 as a whole, but here are my specific goals for January, not to be confused with New Year's Resolutions, because that's all a crock of shit:

Submit one assessment and begin the next
Creating somewhat of an assessment deadline really helps me get shit done. I'm surprisingly good at motivating myself to knock my work out and submitting them waaayyyy ahead of the due date, despite also working full-time. Hopefully I can keep this up to avoid the stress and last-minute throw-together work.

No non-essential spending
I went a little lot crazy over December with multitudes of unnecessary purchases, buying masses of takeout (whoops), and clothes and makeup online. This month, I'm putting a total spending ban on clothing and "treat" items, as well as any takeout. Im also limiting how much I can spend on things like outings and dinners etc. out.

Get back in to my workout routine and "good" eating habits
Getting back to the gym has been hard. Really hard. I've been sporadically going for two weeks now and it's about time I got serious again, going every Monday, Tuesday and Friday without fail, as well as getting back to my healthier eating habits. Goodbye delicious takeout, you were a beautiful Christmas fling.

Lose 2kg
This isn't so much a weight-loss goal, as it is a weight-correction goal? I guess? I want to lose that annoying 1kg I put on over Christmas, as well as losing another one on top of that so I feel like I'm making progress. Anything more than that would be a very welcome bonus.


  1. This is a good time of year to cut out the non-essential spending! I wish you the best in accomplishing your goals!

  2. These are great goals and i have some of the same ones for 2016 :)
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  3. I spent WAY too much in December as well. January I haven't spent too much but still more than I should on clothes. I am considering beginning a no spend challenge..but I honestly don't know if I could do it.

  4. Good luck with your new goals!

  5. Best of luck with your goals! I'm working on cutting bad spending as well. It's sooo hard!

  6. Really great goals! I hope you have a fantastic January!

  7. goals are better late than never lovely! great goals - good luck with them I'm sure you'll accomplish them :D
    Jess www.beautifulbreakable.com

  8. I though so too, with all that Christmas-time spending and whatnot.
    Thank you very much. :) x

  9. I've tried the no spend challenge a couple of times.. and I suck at it aha. I'm also sucking at spending less this month, definitely an improvement on December, buuuuutttt it's not been great. Whoops. x

  10. Yas, girl! Especially after the spending habit I got myself in to over the past month or so. Thank you, and good luck with your spending cull. :P x

  11. Thank you, and good luck with yours! :) x

  12. Getting back into a workout routine is on my list of goals too. Best of luck to you!

  13. Aw thank you, right back at ya! :) x

  14. Going on a spending ban is one of the hardest things in life. Sending my best wishes your way. Good luck for the rest of the goals, too :D

    Noor | Noor's Place

  15. Thanks! It's been difficult for me after such a long, lazy break, good luck to you! x

  16. Aha thanks, Noor. I'm going to need it. I've gotten myself into a bad spending habit. D: x

  17. Great goals. Non-essential spending is one on my list as well. I am saving for future vacation. I know it's tough but I have to control myself not to buy things I don't need.

    Mhar Sefck

  18. Great goals! I have very similar ones and still working on them. Such a work in progress for sure. I alsI wanted to comment on your authentic tone! I enjoy your bluntness and straight-forward approach!

  19. Aw thank you, Chanel! You're sweet. :3


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