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Monday, February 1, 2016

January Look Back and February Goals.

A look back at January's goals:

Submit one assessment and begin the next
"Creating somewhat of an assessment deadline really helps me get shit done. I'm surprisingly good at motivating myself to knock my work out and submitting them waaayyyy ahead of the due date, despite also working full-time. Hopefully I can keep this up to avoid the stress and last-minute throw-together work."
Tick: I don't mean to brag, but I nailed this one! I submitted three assessments before my first day back at work.

No non-essential spending
"I went a little lot crazy over December with multitudes of unnecessary purchases, buying masses of takeout (whoops), and clothes and makeup online. This month, I'm putting a total spending ban on clothing and "treat" items, as well as any takeout. I'm also limiting how much I can spend on things like outings and dinners etc. out."
Cross: Although I definitely reigned it in on clothes and makeup, I wouldn't say this was a success. I still spent far too much on food (always food) and outings over January.

Get back in to my workout routine and "good" eating habits
"Getting back to the gym has been hard. Really hard. I've been sporadically going for two weeks now and it's about time I got serious again, going every Monday, Tuesday and Friday without fail, as well as getting back to my healthier eating habits. Goodbye delicious takeout, you were a beautiful Christmas fling."
Tick: My healthy eating habits still need a bit (a lot) of improving, but I am now 100% back in to my gym routine and I'm loving it. For me, getting motivated all over again was the hardest part, which is why I'm considering this one a pass.

Lose 2kg
"This isn't so much a weight-loss goal, as it is a weight-correction goal? I guess? I want to lose that annoying 1kg I put on over Christmas, as well as losing another one on top of that so I feel like I'm making progress. Anything more than that would be a very welcome bonus."

February's goals:

Refocus on my studies
As I mentioned above, I had a huge leap in progress with my assessments over January, but since coming back to work, they've been untouched. I aim to complete and submit at least one task, and have begun another before the workshop I will be attending later on this month.

Improve my diet
Getting back to the gym was hard. The most hard. I've finally gotten back in to my workout routine, but my eating habits haven't switched from holiday mode yet. This month I'm focusing on getting back to eating the way I did before Christmas came along. It may not exactly be #cleaneating but it's what worked for me.

Get a sound system installed in my car
(You may judge accordingly)
I miss the doof doof days of my very first car, and I've been meaning to get my sub re-installed in my new ride for the longest time (read: since the day I bought it home).

Book my tattoo
Lately, I've been scouring tattoos on Pinterest daily and I've made myself the most keen for tattoo number two. It really is true what they say: once you get one, you can't stop.. I have my design ready and I hope to speak to the artists at Emerald Ink and book myself in for yet another torturous needle prodding session.


  1. Haha, I eat wayyyyyyyyy too much. And takeout is just wayyyyyyyy too good. I feel you, girl! I love a good sound system in a car as well.

  2. Oh man. The struggle is real. So very real. x

  3. Definitely achievable goals! I just recently booked a new tattoo - I'm sooo excited!
    Jess | www.beautifulbreakable.com ♥

  4. Congrats on meeting your goals last month - I'm trying to reinitiate my gym routine, so this is inspiring!

  5. Best of luck with your goals! I'm working on improving my diet too!

  6. Thank you! Good luck with your diet - I'm finding it pretty difficult, hopefully you do better than I am. :) x

  7. HOW EXCITING! It's addicting aha. :o x

  8. Thank you very much. :3
    The best of luck with your gym routine! It's hard, but doable. Definitely doable. :) x

  9. We both had similar goals for January! I started out working out great and then I slipped midway through the month! Hopefully this month will be better! I hear ya on having a sub in your car! I had one in mine in Highschool and I miss it!

  10. I love your goals! Concise and detailed!

  11. Sounds like we're on par with the workout thing, but I hope you did better than I did with the rest of your goals! x

  12. I love this post. I never do goal/look back posts on my blog, but I think I might try it. Much success on your goals. And, yes, I'm a victim of the takeout monster. :-(

  13. Writing and publishing my goals has really helped me to achieve things I probably wouldn't have otherwise. Definitely give it a try. :) x


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