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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Cost of my Daily Face

When Jesse impatiently asked me "How much money do you spend on all that shit, anyway?" whilst waiting for me to be ready to go out to lunch the other week, I laughed him off with the old "Oh, you don't wanna know", but getting ready this morning had me thinking: Actually, I do want to know. So that's exactly what I set out to discover. This list begins from the moment I wake up, from skincare to setting powder, covering all of the products that I use in the process.

Although I have a penchant for high-end beauty bits, I tend to save the expensive products for special occasions or nights out, so my daytime look is almost completely drugstore. Of course, the amount of make-up that I wear during the day depends heavily on what I'm doing. This breakdown is of my work day face (also known as the 'Oh Fuck, I'm Late' look). Typically, I'll spend more time and use more products on weekends (ohai, contour), whereas my weekday face is a much more simplified version.

I've linked the stores that I personally buy each product from, prices vary slightly from retailer to retailer, obviously. All prices are in AUD.

I'm going to start off my saying: I know that my skincare routine may seem like a lot for some people, but dealing with my combination oily/flaky-dry, sensitive, intolerant skin (try saying that three times fast) requires so much effort, it's ridiculous. I've done so much research and have finally found a combination that works well enough to make my skin manageable (pls halp).

I rinse my face with only lukewarm water in the morning, no product, and as soon as the skin has been patted dry, I swipe a new found love of mine, Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Nourishing Facial Water ($24.99), which is a great toner for dry skin, over my face with a cotton pad, following immediately with Benefit's It's Potent! Eye Cream* ($59.00). I've been trying out various drugstore eye creams recently, but I've found nothing that matches this in terms of moisturising my dry lids and filling fine lines. As eyes are so delicate and show the first signs of ageing, to me, it's worth the spend. I allow the eye cream to sink in for a minute before combining a glob of my ever favourite Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel ($24.99) and two drops of Trilogy's Antioxidant+ Rosehip Oil ($35.99) together in my palm and slathering the mixture all over my face, which absorbs deep down in to my skin. Once that has absorbed, I put a light layer of The Body Shop's Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream for Dry Skin ($28.00) all over and follow with a dab of La Roche Posay's Toleriane Riche ($29.99) on the lower half of my face, focusing mostly on my cheeks, chin and nose. My forehead tends to get oily during the day and I find Toleriane Riche to be too much for that particular part of my face. I then like to layer Benefit's Dream Screen ($42.90 - converted to AUD) directly on top of my moisturiser (IT'S MATTIFYING!!! I'm obsessed). I find the consistency to be very much like a primer - non oily, kind of thick, a little tacky, so I honestly don't need to use one in conjunction with Dream Screen - ka-ching!

The order in which I apply my make-up is a little convoluted. I suppose everyone has their own preferred order (the age old eyes before foundation vs. foundation before eyes debate, for example) and I've tried it every which way you can think of, but this is the routine that I've found works best for me.

I begin with Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer ($18.95) as a concealer base to cover dark circles. I say concealer base because it's not overly brightening; I use Maybelline's FitMe on top to lighten later on. I like to leave that to dry for a moment so I'll define and fill in my brows with Rimmel's Brow This Way Kit ($12.95) in the mean time. I fall in to the foundation before eyes category. Always have - it's a habit, I guess, so next I apply Rimmel's Match Perfection Foundation ($18.95) with a damp beauty blender to my face and then I'll line both my lash line and my waterline with Rimmel's Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil ($8.95). I do prefer pencil eye liners to liquid liners when I'm in a rush (no wings for me) - I just find I'm much more efficient with a pencil. I then quickly set the eye liner on my waterline with any old black eye shadow that I have on hand (see my eye liner setting hack here) to keep it in place. Next I'll apply two coats of Maybelline's Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara ($21.95), which I actually prefer to most high-end mascaras. Whilst my lashes are drying, I draw a triangle of Maybelline's FitMe Concealer ($14.95) under my eyes and blend out with my damp beauty blender, cleaning up any smudged out black eye shadow or finger prints in my foundation as I go. Any excess concealer on my sponge gets dabbed on my chin and the middle of my forehead to subtly highlight. I then sweep a little of Rimmel's Stay Matte Pressed Powder ($11.95) over my forehead, which is the only area of my otherwise desert-dry face that gets oily by midday and finish the look with a sweeping of Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer ($29.95) under my cheekbones and around the edge of my forehead to warm up the face and add a little depth.

Total cost = $384.46 AUD - Holy moly!
I was actually kind of embarrassed that that is how much it costs to make me look presentable until I realized that the cost of my skincare alone is $245.86, which is definitely the most expensive part of my routine, and rightly so.

Of course, The actual cost of doing my face would be much less than this. This total indicates the price for a full-sized bottle /tube/whathaveyou of each product, rather than a breakdown of the cost of each individual squirt, dollop, gram, etc. that gets used on every look.

I really did enjoy writing this post. It was fun to discover exactly how much time and money goes in to being me and discovering exactly how many products I use without really thinking about it completely surprised me.

If you're interested in a similar type of post breaking down of the cost of my typical night-time look, where I use the good stuff (because I sure am!), let me know in the comments!

What are some of your go-to daily face products?

As always, this post has not been sponsored in any way, meaning that I am affiliated with none of the links included, nor have any items mentioned been sent to me, endorsed or paid for by anyone other than me, myself and I. This post does, however, contain affiliate links. Feel free to find and purchase the products mentioned elsewhere if you don't get down like that. :)

I will always disclose such information with an asterisk (*) for full disclosure to my readers.


  1. Budgeting and Money Management is applicable for all aspects of Life .. It help us in monitoring and controlling extra expense saving for other goals .. But yes , $384.46 AUD is too high :)

  2. OMG, this was awesome..Really, you know i spend none or very less for my skincare except some natural remedies.. This post came as an eye opener what all can be done by me for my skin;).

  3. You get some great products. I admit, I probably don't do enough with my face. I really should start a routine. But I would just need to budget. If it's over $100, I'd panic.

  4. Makeup is expensive!!! I switched to safer products recently and that is EXPENSIVE. but hey that's the price you pay to be beautiful lol

  5. Holy cow! It's crazy when you break it down like that, how much you spend. I don't even want to add up my make-up! I'm sure it's up there too!

  6. I don't spend too much on my skincare, but I feel like if I did, it would become costly too! It's all about how good it make a you feel too!

  7. Sydney Santiago Ebunuche JnrJuly 20, 2017 at 8:55 PM

    This is awesome!

  8. Being beautiful is expensive and that's true. But it is worth investing.
    Remember, a lady that have a beautiful face could launch a thousand ships! Metaphorically, speaking but you know what i mean :)

  9. Gosh I don't think I could face totting up all my skincare and make up. But you're right it's definitely less $ per use. And brings so much happiness

  10. I guess spending on those is just right for you. As long as you are satisfied and makes you happy, it is good and those items is not just for one use.

  11. I wouldn't say that it's /too/ high haha. But I agree, money management is a wonderful thing. :) x

  12. I love natural remedies! They're cheap and effective which is great. I just wish my skin was manageable enough to not need all of this skincare, then I could use natural remedies too. :( x

  13. Hey! If it works for you, girl, keep doing what you're doing. :) Not everyone needs copious amounts of product to manage their skin (I wish I didn't, that's for sure). There are some great drugstore and cheaper alternatives out there, though, if you are looking to keep to a budget. x

  14. I feel your pain, Ania! I swear the safer products have an extra couple of dollars added to them. -.- But hey! You've gotta do what you've gotta do aha. xx

  15. Ahaha it was definitely an eye-opener. I don't really think about it when I spend a couple of bucks on an eye liner here and a few dollars on a moisturiser there but boy does it all add up! x

  16. I truly wish that I could cut back on my skincare (stupid messed up skin!) since that's where most of the costs are coming from but I suppose "you can't put a price on beauty" aha. x

  17. I loved this comment, Blair. So true! You can't put a price on beauty. :) x

  18. At the end of the day, it's all about how it makes you feel. :) I'm sososo curious (and terrified at the same time) to see how much my "nighttime face" would cost aha. x

  19. That's right, Anosa! They're definitely my "tried and tested" products so at least I know that it's money well spent. :) x


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