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Thursday, April 26, 2018

What's in my Everyday Bag?

I love reading "What's in my Bag" posts. I really do. Maybe it's because I find bag spill photos to be so very satisfying. Maybe it's because I'm nosy (probably). Either way, I'm always super interested to learn about what other people carry around with them on a day-to-day basis.

For everyday, I carry this simple, black Kate Hill waffle tote (old) with me wherever I go. Whether it be to the office or a lunch date, it's sturdy, it goes with everything and it has enough room for all of my bits and bobs.

A rifle through my everyday/work bag

Of course I carry the essentials such as my everyday wallet, which is nothing special - just an old Bluebird wallet, my phone and my keys with me at all times. My trusty sunnies also come with me to most places (in their little case to avoid scratches, mind you), too. I've been wearing my Locello aviators lately. I think they're perfect for Autumn.

I don't always carry my planner around with me, but I have it on hand more often than not. I usually treat myself to a kikki.K* planner each year, but I received this beautiful holographic planner (which is no longer available, sorry) from Typo* for my birthday from Jesse's mum. I also carry a pen, naturally, and my current read with me if I'm going in to work. Right now, I'm reading Still Me by Jojo Moyes - the third instalment in the Me Before You series. Stay tuned for my thoughts in my next Recent Reads post. ;)

I carry a small bag of touch-up make-up around with me at all times (how cool is this Face Shit bag, also from Typo*?! unfortunately no longer available). I don't wear much other than eye make-up and some concealer on work days so my make-up bag more or less just consists of a travel mirror, a packet of blotting paper, which I don't often need because I have dry skin but it's nice to have on hand. My trusty Rimmel eye-liner pencil, a good lip gloss and balm for my perpetually dry lips, Maybelline's FitMe concealer* for touch-ups if necessary, a facial spray; I'm currently using Swisse's Deep Sea Hydrating Mist Toner which is super refreshing but I like The Body Shop's Vitamin C Energising Face Mist* too, a lip liner, usually nude; I like M.A.C.'s Whirl, and a couple of versatile lipsticks. I always have a classic red and a nude lipstick on me. In this instance, I have Huda Beauty's Cheerleader and Velvet Teddy by M.A.C. on hand. I also carry a couple of hair ties and a few bobby pins with me as well as a hair brush - I've been using my Tangle Teaser for years now and it's absolutely amazing.

I always like to have a bunch of body care products on my person, too. I hate the sight of uneven nails, so my nail file comes with me everywhere I go. I get very dry hands throughout the day so a hand cream is also a must. Lately I've been using The Body Shop's Mango Hand Cream* - the formula of THS hand creams is so good and I'm such a fan of their mango range. It all smells amazing! Speaking of smelling amazing, I also always carry around a small bottle of perfume. I'm in the process of using up my old perfumes (I have so many) so I'm currently finishing up an old Playboy set, which all smell amazing. I'm on my last bottle! I'm a little bit of a germaphobe so I also like to carry a small bottle of my trusty Dettol hand sanitiser around with me. More for peace of mind than anything.

I'm prone to frequent headaches so I always have a packet (or two) of Panadol on hand and a box of band-aids too. I'm pretty clumsy and the office is prime location to receive paper cuts. They're also good to go over blisters or sore spots from my (pretty, but painful) shoes rubbing. I'm also sure to have a pocket pack of tissues on hand too.

My umbrella is usually stashed in the depths of my bag too. There was a time when I'd only carry it during the rainy months, but it's gotten to the point where I got lazy I just leave in in there over Summer too. I guess it's reassuring to have one on hand - you never know when you may need one. I also always have my Typo marble metal drink bottle* (isn't it pretty?!) on me. I like to sip water throughout the day and it's nice to have my own (non-plastic) supply on hand. This particular bottle is like a thermos in which keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. It's super versatile. I also carry a USB with me at all times. It's a bit of a random object to carry, I suppose, but it has come in handy on numerous occasions, especially at work.

That's it! I'm a massive neat freak so my bag never has any rubbish or receipts or (sadly) money floating around in it. There are a few things that I'd like to add to my daily bag such as a pocket power bank (I've been meaning to buy one for years), but I think that I've pretty much mastered the art of packing all that I'll ever need for day-to-day life in to one tote. What do you think?

Take a peek at what I carry around with me on a daily basis

What are some of your everyday essentials?



  1. oh my gosh I LOVE learning what everyone puts in their bag ha! i have almost the same amount of stuff too!

  2. I love reading what people carry in their bag, and I basically have everything in mine! Love the colours of those lipsticks!

  3. Erin Elizabeth HaugerudApril 26, 2018 at 9:46 AM

    Great list!! I need to start carrying more than my wallet!

  4. Wow! You have a lot in your every day bag. I usually just carry my phone, wallet, coin purse, lip balm, sunglasses, and gum in mine.

  5. Lol I also love seeing what’s in everyone’s bags!! I think I’m just nosy and I love knowing the must-have’s for everyone because I usually find something I don’t have yet. You definitely have all he essentials plus some! I never think to have blotting paper with me. I totally need it for Florida’s summer though!

  6. A bag that says "Face Shit" is definitely something I need in my life. Blotting paper is something I need because my face is the opposite of yours so oily, unfortunately.

  7. Love this! I have a small planner that i carry around in my bag (the bag is pretty big so I can fit a TON in there)!

  8. MAN OH MAN the two things i got excited about most were the planner and the make up bag!! too bad they're both retired!! I carry a book with me, too! So far im on book 15 of 2018!

  9. Love your purse and wallet. Your makeup bag is funny. Lol

  10. A woman after my own heart. ;) x

  11. I'm glad I'm not the only nosy one out there hahah. Ooooh yes, these two lipsticks are definitely my current faves! x

  12. Aww it's okay aha. If I'm just popping to the shops or something, I only bring my wallet with me too. x

  13. Aha it is a fair bit, looking back. At least I'll never be without something I need (hopefully!). Sounds like you've got all the essentials covered. :) x

  14. We have SO much in common, Katherine ;) aha. Blotting paper is definitely a good thing to have if you live in a hotter state! I'm in Australia so it's pretty much a staple here haha. x

  15. RIGHT?! Is this Face Shit bag not the best thing you've ever seen?! Haha.
    Aw that's a shame. Blotting paper sounds like it should definitely be something that you carry around in that case. Good thing its so cheap. :) x

  16. Oh yay! I was starting to think that I was the only weirdo who carried a planner around with them haha. I LOVE big bags! I've been looking for a bigger one (my eye is on the LV Neverfull. Unfortunately, my budget is not haha) for a while now. x

  17. YES, KATE! The planner and make-up bag (I still can't get over how awesome it is haha) are my two favourite pieces. I was devastated to see that they were no longer stocked! Everyone needs them in their lives aha. Oh wow. Good job on the reading front (I love to read)! I'm half way through book 14 of the year, you go girl! :) x


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