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Monday, August 6, 2018

July Look Back and August 2018 Goals

How I went with my July goals and what I want to achieve in August

How I went with my July goals
Fridge and pantry clean out
"I love an organised space, so every few months (in this case, 12) I like to completely gut and reorganise the pantry, fridge and freezer. Getting rid of anything old, expired and/or forgotten and putting things back in an orderly fashion brings my OCD-ridden self with such peace."

Tick: This was such a satisfying feat. Here's to hoping that everything stays in order, even with Jesse's constant rummaging.

Buy everything needed for our holiday
"September 1 just keeps creeping up! I would confidently say that I'm about 95% prepared for our time away, I just need to buy a few small things: sunscreen, bug repellent.. things you don't really think about during the Winter months. I'd also like to check that my bathers still fit and make a little list of the types of outfits that I'd like to bring, making sure that I don't need a new pair of shoes or shorts (what a shame that would be)."

Tick: I am officially holiday ready!

Walk Milla every morning
"I'm taking a break from the workout plan that I made for myself to work on completing Jacklyn Waterson's full body program (I'm feeling muscles I've never felt before, oh boy). Since, unlike my old workout plan, Jacklyn doesn't require me to get up early for a before work gym session, I've really been enjoying laying-in, which means that I've been skipping Milla's morning walks - oops (it's also the middle of Winter and freezing in the mornings). I do feel bad, though, so rather than rolling over when the alarm goes off, I'll be getting up and moving! I'll be getting up early again when I complete Jacklyn's program and switch back to my original plan so I may as well stay in the habit."

Cross: I'm a terrible mother.

Take body measurements
"I'm lifting a lot more weights and doing a lot more muscle work throughout this program than usual, so the scales are only really going to tell me so much. For a true gauge of my progress, I need to be taking body measurements (buying a measuring tape may be a good start) and taking photos from every angle - something that I've been purposely putting off."

Cross: IN MY DEFENCE: I couldn't find a measuring tape. Although I didn't exactly go out of my way to find one, either.

Get to a Winter Fest
"Perth has some pretty cool Winter activities (in the city and in Fremantle) that I'd love to make a date out of. Considering I've never seen snow, the fake snow in Fremantle is going to be as close as I'll get and sounds absolutely magical. Sipping on mulled wine and watching Jesse attempt to ice skate sounds like a perfect way to spend an evening to me."

Cross: The weather has been terrible, which I guess is fitting for a Winter Fest, but hail and storms don't typically go hand-in-hand with outdoor ice skating. I'll get there one day.

Blogging and personal goals for August 2018
Finish my business plan
There are some exciting things in the works for me. To keep things short for the time being: I'm starting my own business on the side (for now). A business that aligns with what I've been wanting to do with my life since I was a little girl. It's going to be a lot of work but I'm incredibly excited.

Pre write a couple of weeks worth of blog content
I hate to leave the blog in silence for more than a handful of days and since we go away on September 1, I'd like to have a few posts up my sleeve ready to go. I always feel amazing when I pre-write my blog posts (I should make the effort more often) so putting in a little time over August means that I can truly enjoy my break in September.

Plan dinner menu for Father's Day
Since I'm a terrible daughter and will be on the other side of the country for Father's Day, I'm planning to have dad over for dinner the week prior. Cooking for others gives me such anxiety so I'd like to get a menu and a schedule prepared early.

Book a hair appointment
I haven't been to a hairdresser in years. I've been doing my own hair since a particularly bad cut back in the day, but as a result, I've had the same style since, which I do like, but I'm ready for a change.

What are you hoping to achieve this month?

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  1. Hey girl! I am so proud of you for doing ALL OR THIS! You are so prepared for September already, with the pantry clean out and just getting everything in order! I am a Certified Personal Trainer as well so if you have questions, DM me girl!

  2. I've been bad at walking our pups in the morning too! So far they have gotten 1 walk this week. But it has also been raining a lot!

  3. I literally just booked an appointment to get my hair cut! I'm terrible at that also.

  4. I should also add a hair appointment to my goals this month! I haven't been since I've moved to the UK 18months ago!
    I hope you'll smash all your August goals :)

  5. I'm also hoping to pre-write a bunch of blog content, too. I used to be SO good at this, and have over a month's worth of posts ready to go, but ever since I started uni I've found it difficult to keep up with both. I would really like to get on top of it though!

  6. I love organizing things. It makes me feel so much calmer! I like your goal of pre-writing posts. I'm going to do that before my school starts up again to give myself a head start.


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