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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

First World Problems - Make-up Edition.

Because it's Tuesday Pretties link-up day with Niki and in my rush to get ready for work this morning after sleeping in yet again, I look like this:

- Having just finished painting your nails, then realizing you've gotta pee.
- Never knowing how much YSL Touche Eclat you have left - damn you packaging!

- Foundation bottles without pumps. WHY!?

- When your left eyelashes look incredible, but the right ones? Spider legs.

- Just shaved legs + fake tan = disaster

- Getting eyelash glue everywhere

- Applying a face mask, then having someone knock on the door.. and you're the only one home.

- Dried flakes of mascara on your eyeshadow.

- Applying mascara and then sneezing... I give up on lashes. OMG.

- Not being able to get your winged liner to remotely resemble anything even close to semi-symmetrical.

- Freshly shaved armpits + Spray deodorant. THE BURN! 

- Wearing a bold lipstick then needing to eat.

- Lipstick teeth.

-  Over applying hair oil on damp, freshly washed hair resulting in greasy locks.

-  Lipgloss + long hair + windy day.

- Eyebrow filling I can't even. 

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