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Sunday, October 12, 2014

DIY Spring Nail - Pastel Edition.

 {Via Pinterest}
I love anything pastel for the Springtime, especially on the nails!
Maybe it's the fact that pastel colours are so feminine, and go with any Springtime outfit, maybe it's the fact that I'm reminded tea parties and sorbet. Either way, I can't get enough.

Remember Natalie from Yours Truly, NY?
That cutie Natalie who inspired this post?
Well, today she and I are collaborating on a fun little Springtime nail art DIY.

Check hers out

She and I are both loving the galaxy nail lately, especially in pastel. It looks gorgeous and every nail is unique.

{Via PShiiit}
..But It's fucking hard for someone with as little creative talent, patience, and a steady hand as old mate Christie over here.

In fact, I tried my own DIY galaxy on my sister just last year.
The results are so shameful, they have never been seen by the light of day. Until now...

Sweet mother of God. D':

I managed to improve them ever so slightly (and I mean EVER so slightly) after about one rage-filled hour.

Safe to say it was never attempted again.

Then I found this alternative to the galaxy manicure and thought I'd give it a go.
I introduce to you, the splatter.

Remember that fun blowing food colouring over a piece of paper with straws activity you did back in the kindergarten days? Do the same thing with some polish and BAM! you've got a splatter manicure. It's so simple!

This is my favourite colour combo; mint and baby blue over a white base, but you can use any colours you please.
You'll need:
- Three polish colours - You can use any colours you like. For this particular pastel look, use Essie
  nail colours Blanc, Bikini so Teeny and Mint Candy Apple.
- A Straw
- Scissors
- Cotton Bud
- Some paper/cling wrap

 {Images & Tutorial via Makeup.com}

1. Start by cutting your straw in half.
2. Apply as many coats of Essie's Blanc polish to your nails to make a solid base (white can be
    somewhat transparent if you don't apply enough layers).
3. Pour a small amount of Mint Candy Apple polish onto a piece of paper and dip one end of your
    straw into it. Hold the straw about a centimetre from your nail (once base is dry) and blow on
    the other end. Polish should splatter onto the nail. Do this across all 10 nails. (You may want to
   do this over some cling wrap.. It get's messy. Fast.)
4. Following the same technique as in step 2, dip the second, clean straw into a pool of
    Bikini so Teeny and blow on the other end. You may need to dip and blow polish onto the nail
    multiple times to achieve the desired coverage. Remember, every nail should be different, so
    don't worry if one has a thick spot of mint and another has only little speckles.
5. Once all nails are completely dry, clean up around the edges with a cotton bud and finish off
    with a top coat.


  1. Ahahaha you crack me up! At least you gave it a go. The splatter manicure looks so much fun, I can't wait to give it a go :)
    Yours Truly, NY

    1. Oh, I gave it a go alright ahaha.
      If someone like me can do the splatter, anyone can. ;)



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