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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

November Lookback & December Goals.

December, Where the fuck did you even come from?
Although writing and sharing my goals really motivated me, November has been eventful, and I've been thinking about what goals I can set myself for December because last months goals were sort of a fail..
Attempt 3 new recipes from Pinterest
I'm actually given up on this one. #LazyLyf
Get a new car
KA-CHING! I actually received my new baby yesterday, just in time.
I'm too excited about this thing. But still.. daymnnnnn.
Update my shoe & makeup storage situation
I really, really tried to get to this one, or at least get to Ikea.
Be mindful of others
I'm actually a bitch nowadays. Oops.

Hit up a bar I've never been to before
I was actually pretty keen for this one, to.
Make the effort to see a friend I haven't seen in a while
All my friend's birthdays seem to fall in November, so I got around to seeing a few people I'd been somewhat neglecting lately.

Make life plans for 2015
I want a clear picture of where I want to be career-wise by this time next year.
I also want to truly discover my voice on this blog, and where I want to take it.
Make fun plans for New Year's Eve that include both my boyfriend and my best friend.
The organisation Nazi in me would prefer to have a solid idea before December 20.
Get all my Christmas shopping done BEFORE December 10
AKA: Buy presents for Jesse's family. This really should have been done, or even started ages ago..
Leave the frustrations from work at work
Too often do I bring all my stress from work home to Jesse with me, and it's starting to affect our relationship..
Curb the unnecessary spending
I basically spent everything I have on said new car, which means tight living for a while. Time to rebuild that savings account, goodbye, glorious junk food!

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