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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May Lookback and June Goals.

I'm a little concerned that we've already hit the halfway mark of 2015.
Excuse me, life I'm pretty sure it was February just yesterday.

My May was a hectic one - I had some ups, and some pretty big downs and the month seemed to just fly right past me. I'm surprised that I got around to fulfilling as many goals as I did, because I honestly don't think I thought about them once in the midst of my shitstorm of a month.

Here's how I did, and here's to moving forward to a better June:

Buy a ball dress
Yes x4,000.
I fell in love with the first dress I picked up. T'was fate I tells ya. I'm too excited for June 20.

Plan our holiday
Because holidays = expensive.. Among other reasons.
After everything we've been through this month, I decided to put off our little holiday, at least until a time when Jesse actually has leave owed to him. Besides, we did just come back from a weekend away.

Book that dentist appointment
Let's take a look at the narration I put under this heading, shall we?
I may as well colour this title in red right now because if there's one thing I'll never ever do by my own free will, it's go to the dentist.'
"Oh Christie, you know yourself so well".
Do I need teeth? Reeeeeally?

Buy an electric blanket
TECHNICALLY, I didn't buy an electric blanket. I was given one instead.
I have an electric blanket on my bed. How I acquired it is irrelevant. I win @ lyf.

Clean the fish tank
Yussss. I even rewarded my hard-working self with two new fishies. Positive reinforcement and all that. ya know.


Set up a proper PR page
On Passionfruit and everything.
I'm pretty sure I set this goal a good six months ago. It sat there, and I thought about it every day, and that was that. I will get it done this month.

Decide on ball hair & makeup
BEFORE the day of the ball. Obvs.

Buy some freakin' matcha
I've been wanting to try this smoothie since posting it in Friday Finds two weeks ago.

A date night EVERY Wednesday
Jesse and I have vowed to go on a different date every Wednesday like we did back when we were a new couple. It's made a world of difference so far, and I'd definitely like to keep it up every week this month.

Don't murder anyone
The fact that I need to make this a goal is actually laughable.
June is tax time in Australia, and Christie works at an accounting firm. Enough said.

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  1. I really like this style of post! I wouldn't be able to do it as I never hit any of my goals. It's just got a tiny bit warmer here in the UK so no electric blankets for us.

    Katie x



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