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Monday, July 25, 2016

Eleven Times The Grinch Accurately Summed up My Life.

I never truly appreciated the Christmas classic 'The Grinch' until recently. And by recently, I mean last week when I found the DVD right at the back of my stash after a particularly painful root canal procedure and decided to watch it three times in a row.
I wish I was over exaggerating on that front. Really, I do.

Perhaps due to the painkillers ingested as a result of said particularly painful root canal procedure, I have come to the conclusion that he and I are kindred spirits, and as July is the coldest month down in the Southern Hemisphere, I thought I'd share eleven times The Grinch accurately summed up my feelings towards life in honor of Christmas in July (even though there's no snow here. Ever. We try to fit in, guys. We really do. Can we still be friends?).

Getting ready to go out like:

When my friends try to convince me to go out:

When Jesse walks in to find me doing something utterly ridiculous:

Going through the "interested" list of an event on Facebook that I'm considering attending:

Getting back in to bed after a day of not being in bed:

Upon my fifth trip to the fridge that morning:

Remembering the events of the Vodka-filled night before:

Going through my "packed" schedule:

Ensuring that everybody thinks I'm as heartless as I act:

Nailing my friend's eye makeup for a night out (hi, Marife):

Beginning to catch feelings and checking myself just in time:

Merry Christmas (sort of)!


  1. I am the grinch too totally when it comes to seeing people, going out of my house, and leaving my bed. Crap. *thegoodthingscomin.wordpress.com

  2. Haha, oh my gosh, so many of these ring so true for me, too! I forget how great that version of the movie is; now I want a rewatch!

  3. This is so funny! I've never thought about it but I'm a lot like the Grinch, too in these ways!

  4. Pack Your BaguiosJuly 26, 2016 at 4:23 PM

    Too funny! Thank you for sharing.

  5. A woman after my own heart aha. x

  6. Ahaha I think we all are a little. :P x

  7. Haha thanks for stopping by. :) x

  8. lol. This is so cute. Sounds to me like I've got quite a bit of grinch in me too. My bed is literally my hardest goodbye and favorite hello.

  9. Ha! Okay this one had me nodding as well as snorting. I think we all have a bit of the Grinch in us at some point. I mean... no one can be THAT happy all the time, right?

    Thankfully upon reading it's not just me! Hooray!! I'm so anti-social it's not even funny. This was a quirky post. LOVED IT!

  10. Aha I think we can all relate. :P x

  11. Ahahaha I'm glad I've found someone on my wavelength. :P x

  12. "That's it, I'm not going."



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