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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Highlights and Hopes for 2016.

First off.. Hi there! It’s been a week, and Christmas just kind of happened. Now I sit here, about 50kg heavier, and 50x more relaxed, and I spy 2016 around the corner.. I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of flipping out about how fast everything seemed to happen.. Twenty Fifteen has been an up and down kind of year for me to say the least, but I like to focus on the good, especially around this time of year, ringing in the new year on a positive note. So, I've lazily combined compiled a list of my proudest moments and accomplishments from 2015, and what I wish to achieve in 2016:

Jesse and I travelled to a few beautiful places around Australia this year including Dongara, Margaret River, and Busselton. Getting away, just the two of us, and taking the time to relax together was wonderful. It did a world of good to our stress levels and a world of good to our relationship.

I'd definitely like to get away a couple of times in 2016, maybe even travel interstate.. If I can be convinced to get on a plane. Maybe.

My most recent and probably my proudest achievement was beginning studyIt's been super exciting to finally get on the right track and starting to work towards my dream job. Let me just say, I have a whole new level of respect for those studying - especially those who are also working full-time on top of that. I already miss simpler times when I didn't have to incorporate study time in to my life BUT I am determined not to get behind or slack off, because the end result will be more than worth the effort.

I'm going to put a lot of effort in to this course over the next year. I plan on creating a proper study schedule and sticking to it, ensuring I submit my assessments well before the deadlines. Maybe get myself a proper desk, too.

My blog has really blossomed over 2015 and I feel I've done nothing but improve. I have a gorgeous bunch of followers and have met some pretty rad people through this little online community of ours - I even attended a friggin' bloggers meet, something I'd never thought I'd do when I begun this little blog o' mine. I'm proud to have managed to post at least twice a week all throughout the busy year, and collaborating with the wonderful people and brands that I did made me so happy. But communicating with my readers is what made me the happiest. The fact that such a lovely bunch of people want and take the time out of their day to read my ramblings warms my heart. All of the love, support, kind words, advice, and well wishes I have received from you guys has made me the most glad I begun Christie's take on Life. Thank you all! x

I hope to improve my writing skills and overall blog content next year, sticking to publishing 2-3 times each week. But most importantly, I'd like to meet and connect more with fellow bloggers, expanding my readership somewhat and getting to know some new, likeminded people. Because to me, blogging without community just wouldn't be blogging.

Health and Fitness
About mid-way through the year, I started taking my fitness seriously, getting myself a gym membership and actually using it. I've also been more conscious of the types of food I'm eating (though I admit I have lapsed somewhat of late but it's Christmas so I'm not even mad). I've noticed such a difference in my overall fitness level but the improvement to my endurance and strength has really surprised me, as well as the fact that my general attitude towards exercise has changed completely. That's right, I'm going on record.. I, Christie Brown, like to exercise. I feel great on the inside and my body is shaping up nicely on the outside.

I'd definitely like to keep up the routine all throughout 2016, sticking to my set gym days. I'm determined to show better self-control when it comes to junky foods and monitor what I eat a bit more strictly. Hopefully, I can get down to my goal weight come June.

I wish you all a happy and safe new year. Onwards and upwards!

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