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Sunday, December 13, 2015

On Chasing Your Dreams.

If you're a clever little cookie (or just not completely oblivious when uber obvious hints are thrown at your face), you'd have noticed my not-so subtle dropping of hints about an announcement all over the place, and I suppose I should let you in on why I've been all kinds of excited as of late:

Last week, I got a call from Ivy College, requesting I take part in their Event Management course upon a recommendation. At first, I thought it was some sort of scam. See, this is not an institute that contacts you, this is not an institute that often listens to recommendations, and this is not an institute that I'd even thought I'd be a part of. Yet here I am, pinching myself because the first step towards becoming an event planner is finally happening, and boy is it happening fast.
Since watching The Hills as my twelve year old self (you may judge accordingly), I've been excited by the prospect of even planning, and over the years I've grown more and more passionate about creating beautiful experiences not just for myself, but for others, too. 

The thing that has always stopped me from fully following my dream.. is fear. Fear of failure.
A career in events means so much to me that it scared me. Getting a mediocre job was easy and achievable, there was no way I could fail. Whereas studying, training, chasing my dream job.. it's hard. It was easier to back away from it all, because that way I can't fail.

But in a way, I have failed. I've failed myself. Because I made a promise that I would pursue my dreams no matter what they may be. Am I content with my 9-5 desk job? Sure, but it's not a place that gives me ample opportunity to live my life and be exactly who I want to be. It's not my passion, and I'm not sure I can ever be truly happy if I'm not chasing my passion. Sure, I can search for happiness elsewhere, but I doubt I'd find the equivalent feeling to working towards, and achieving my lifelong goal. I can say with 100% certainty that then, I will know true happiness, pride, self-worth..

Because your dreams are what can get you through even the worst days. Your reason to keep going. They are why you wake up in the morning and try again. That little ray that keeps you going and helps you get back up every time you fall. They are what make your life worth living.

I've got the world at my feet – we all do.. we just have to stop making excuses, dig a little deeper, and show a little determination. This is an amazing and rare opportunity to reach my full potential and I'm going to make the most of it. Besides, I didn't sit through a needle prodding torture session to get my "Hope" tattoo for nothing. Right?

Over the next year, I will work my ass off at developing and improving my skills and knowledge. I am the creator of my own destiny and it's time that I take a stand for what I want out of life. To start fighting for my dreams. To make what I desire a reality and wake up every morning with a smile because I'm doing what I love.

Life is short. Why spend it doing something you're not passionate about?
Create a life you don't need to escape.


  1. Congratulation! That is super exciting. Event planning is 1/3 of my curent job and by far my favirot part. Best of luck!

  2. How exciting! Congratulations on this big step towards your dream. You are definitely right. This life is short. If we aren't happy in our work then we've wasted a huge part of it. And that's just silly.

  3. Luck you! :)
    Thank you very much. :) x

  4. Thank you kindly. :) I've wasted too many years because of fear - time to take that leap of faith. x

  5. Congratulations! It certainly is worth doing what you're passionate about doing in life. I wouldn't thrive in a job that wasn't my passion, either.

  6. I love how optimistic you are regardless of your fear. It's a very rare thing to see. Congratulations on taking the steps to your goals in life. <3 <3 I hope you achieve them all.

  7. Congrats!! I interned at a wedding planning company my junior and senior year of college and absolutely loved it! I always saw myself as an event planner but once I graduated college and searched for jobs and internships as an event planner and found none I just started working for my dad. I love it and I love working for my dad but I wish I had pursued my dream a little more!

  8. Congratulations! This is exciting! Good luck as you pursue your dreams!

  9. Congratulations! Event planning sounds like so much fun. continue to chase your dreams and eventually life will fall into place.


  10. Such great news! You definitely should follow your dreams because you only have one life, and you should make sure it's the one you want to live! Congratulations!!

  11. Thank you. :) I've wanted this for as long as I can remember. To say I'm excited would be an understatement. x

  12. Oh wow you lucky thing! Planning weddings would be amazing - creating someone's special day.. eee! Makes me feel all giddy inside. :) x

  13. Thank you for your kind words, Sabrina! :) xx

  14. Congratulations! There's nothing more exciting than chasing your dreams and it's exciting that you're working towards something you're passionate about!

    <a href="http://knotsandruffles.blogspot.com”>Knots and Ruffles</a>

  15. Thanks so much, Jen!
    I am beyond excited. :) x

  16. Yassss! Why waste the short amount of time we're given?
    Thank you. :3 x

  17. It is so important to chase your dreams. I'm glad that you have been able to do that. Keep up the great work and live unstoppable!

  18. Thank you so much for your kind words. :3 x


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