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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

November Look Back & December Goals.

A look back at November's goals:

Lose 3kg
"This is pretty much going to be a continuous goal for basically my whole life.."
Cross: Womp womp. My very first month of not losing as much as I'd have liked. A loss is a loss, and considering the way I ate last month, I'm still happy.

Have my Christmas shopping done my mid November
"I'm not going to lie, I usually leave my Christmas shopping pretty last minute.. I haven't begun thinking of what I'm going to get everyone, but this year I want to have it all done before December arrives."
Cross: Once again, I've left my Christmas shopping until December..

Fix my older Instagram hashtags
"I was looking back at my older Instagram posts the other day and was disgusted by my amateur attempt at hashtags. I want to go through and add better hashtags to my posts and even delete the shitty photos."
Cross: As it turns out, I didn't even look at my Instagram feed this month. Whoops.

Eat healthier
"I nailed my eat 'healthier goal' for two months straight but I've somewhat lapsed back in to old habits over the past month or so. I'm determined to cut out the crappy snacks that have snuck their way back in to my diet."
Cross: This kind of goes hand in hand with the whole lose 3kg thing.. It's not going to get any better over December, either. WHY IS FOOD SO DELICIOUS?!

Plan 3x date nights
"Jesse and I have made Wednesdays after work our compulsory date night. Rather than the usual leave it to last minute to make a plan option, I'd like to spend the time thinking of cute date ideas and surprising him with what I've planned out three out of four weeks this month."
Tick: Hey look! A friggin' tick amidst this sea of fails.

December's goals:

Try my very best not to eat like shit through the whole of my Christmas break
I've been doing so well with this weight loss thing, it'd be true Christie fashion to undo all my hard work in the space of a few days. I am permitted to eat like a pig on Christmas Day, because that's how we do, but I'm determined not to make it a month-long junk food saga as per usual.

Lose 1kg
As I doubt I'll be able to lose the usual 3kg over the silly season, I'd be happy with a 1kg loss this month.. Hell, I'd be happy as long as I don't put on weight this month.

Plan a New Year's Eve celebration
I've had a terrible New Years Eve every. single. year of my life. BUT NOT THIS YEAR, DAMN IT! I want to have my night planned before December 20 to avoid shitty, rushed, last minute misadventures.

Concentrate on my event planning dreams
I'm going to make 2016 the year I focus on pursing my event planning and management dreams, which means December is the month to study, study, study! I have an exciting announcement relating to said dreams, but I'll leave that for another time. ;)


  1. The holidays tend to always bring extra-tasty food with them! Studying to prepare for your future sounds like a great goal for this month!

  2. But extra-tasty is my weakness! Haha.
    Studying is probably the last thing I want to do over the silly season, but it must be done. Sigh. x


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