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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October Look Back and November Goals.

A look back at October's goals:

Finish Event Registrations and make a start on Event Project
"GUYS! I only have two units left of my course and I'm done! I have a few months left until my completion date but my study coach has set me the goal of October 14. It's unlikely that I'll have it all done in less than two weeks, but I'd definitely like to at least have the Event Registrations assessment submitted by then."

I officially have my Diploma - THIS IS THE BEST MONTH OF MY ENTIRE LIFE.

Get back in to the habit of using MyFitnessPal
"I lost a lot of weight when I took the time to record all my food and exercise in the MyFitnessPal app. I got lazy and stopped for a few months, and it's showing in the results. Time to get back to staying under my daily calorie limit."

Tick: Although I'm too scared to weigh myself at this point in time, I'm pretty proud of myself for documenting my food and exercise religiously (for the most part). I feel much more in control now; as tedious as it can be at times.

Buy myself pretty new workout gear
"After losing my workout buddy, I find myself getting less and less motivated to get to the gym. I do only have maybe 3 workout outfits.. and they're all pretty daggy. I bet $100 that buying a pretty new Lorna Jane set will motivate me to get back in to it. For a little while, anyways."

Cross: aaannnnddd I'm still not feeling the motivation to go to the gym. Coincidence? I think not. I did buy a whole bunch of other stuff, though. Maybe next month I'll treat myself to some Lorna Jane goodies.

Go on more dates
"This whole saving for a house thing has meant that Jesse and I have sacrificed a lot of our old lifestyle. I'd definitely like to get out from in front of the TV (AKA our natural habitat) and do more fun things together. There are a lot of inexpensive and even free things we can do, especially now that it's warming up for Spring."

Tick: Considering I was at the back end of my course, I think we definitely did spend more quality time out and about together last month - which is the most important.

Goals for November:

Plan blogging schedule for the rest of the year
My September and October were hectic and my poor little blog had to take a back seat for a while, but now that I have all this time freed up, I can (hopefully) begin posting 2-3 times a week again. I have so many ideas floating around in my head that I wanted to post over the past few months, but didn't have the time for all the writing, photo taking and editing, proof reading, yadda yadda yadda. I really want to sit down and sort out my content schedule for the rest of the year before the holiday season gobbles up my 2016.

Christmas presents 
I'm a terrible gift buyer. I panic, I cry, and I end up with a bunch of totally random knick-knacks for everyone that are in no way what they want nor need. I want to have a proper plan of my Christmas gifts this year and at least have an idea of what gifts I'm getting everyone (10 points to Gryffindor if I physically have said gifts on my person and ready to give)

Create a Christie's Take on Life board on Pinterest
I don't know how many times that I've made this a goal and failed miserably, but I'm hoping that with my freed-up-time, I'll finally get around to updating old posts with "pinable" images and creating this damned board.

Cook a new dish
I've been lazy in my cooking lately. By lazy, I mean I haven't cooked a meal for Jesse and I for months. I'm talking months. I'd like to get back in to the kitchen and cook us up newly discovered recipe for dinner at least once this month.

What are your goals for November?


  1. Looks like a great collection of goals! I'm not very good at blog scheduling, but It seems like something I should look into.
    xx nicole

  2. My goal each year is to have all of my Christmas shopping finished by November 30th so that I can then join enjoy the holiday season...so here's to hoping that happens!

  3. Thanks, girl! Having a blog schedule definitely helps me to keep track of how often I publish, and motivates me to get those posts done (or started in most cases haha). x

  4. Yes, girl! Christmas is so much more enjoyable when you're organised before December even begins. Fingers crossed for the both of us aha. x

  5. Wow great goals you have there. Keep doing it at your style and pace and I'm sure you're going to knock this month's goals out of the park

  6. We're saving for our first home as well, so I feel you on the financial sacrifices!

    Good luck starting your Pinterest!

    Maddie | www.maddiesbeautyspot.com

  7. Congrats!!! That is awesome you finished up your course. Good luck in November I stopped using My Fitness pal when I got my new phone. Right now I'm all about just putting it in my planner. The portion calorie calculations just wasn't working for me anymore (which is has before). Doing more gym classes made it hard to know for sure how many calories I was burning so I am focusing on staying active X amount of days and just really balancing my food choices and portion control.

  8. I love that you recap and then state your new goals! I definitely need to start doing this, especially since I recently started blogging! Good luck with your upcoming goals & congrats on finishing your course!

  9. My November goals were 3 fold :
    - Get off my ass and start back Pilates (I've gotten off my ass 😂 And am halfway into a routine now 😅🙈)
    - Get off my ass and sell 100 spots on my course - surprisingly managed to sell 200 😱😱😱 , so I can tick that off my list ✅
    - Relax... still working on that one! 😩

  10. I like that you've taken the time to put down your goals. I'm not very good at scheduling posts in advance. This is a goal I'll work on for next year.

  11. Thanks, girl. Good luck with your first home - how exciting! :) x

  12. Aww thank you, Dia! :)
    MyFitnessPal definitely is not the most accurate, and I found it stoped working for me too for a while, but getting a ballpark figure is helping me get back on track again. :) You keep it up, though! Sounds like a good way to go about it. :) x

  13. Thanks, girl!
    I definitely find that posting my goals helps motivate me to get things done. All the best on your new blogging adventure. :) x

  14. Aha you go girl, you're already doing so well and we're not even halfway through the month yet! Keep it up! :) x

  15. I find that if I type my goals out, and publish them for all to see, I'm more motivated to actually do them aha. Scheduling definitely takes some of the pressure of constantly posting off. It takes a little time and planning, but it's worth it in the end. :) x

  16. Awesome goals!!! I am with you on myfitnesspal! I did so much better when I was keeping track. I need to join you on that one!

  17. MyFitnessPal was one of my goals for October too! :) I'm so glad to hear you stuck with it! Great job! I love that your goal for November is to have a plan for Christmas gifts! If you do, then you'll be sure to have a stress-free December!

    Thanks for sharing<3
    xo Nicole

  18. Congratulations on finishing and getting your diploma! YAY!!! Go girl! That's reason enough to celebrate October. It sounds like you got so much done last month. I know you'll do the same in November! I don't have any Christmas gifts bought yet but I have been cooking more and loving that.

    Create that Pinterest board girl! You can do it and you'll be so happy when you do!

    Have a wonderful day sweets!

  19. Congratulations on getting your diploma! That's amazing!! I remember when I finally finished college and received my diploma, I was on cloud 9! Way to finish!!

  20. Thank you, Leslie! :) I feel like I got so much accomplished in October, it's really motivating me to make the most out of November too!
    Cooking is something that I wish I could do well - making dinners for my whole family to enjoy sounds amazing to me. :) x

  21. I just can't seem to control my food intake without it aha - definitely helpful! :) x

  22. Thanks, girl. I hope that you did well with MyFitnessPal too! :)
    That's the plan! I always leave my Christmas shopping far too late, and basically cry my way through a stressful December aha. x

  23. Thank you. It definitely is one of the best things I've ever felt. :) x

  24. I need to get back to using my fitness pal as well and I'm in the process of mapping out my goals for the rest of the year (and revamp my blogging schedule too).

    I have yet to buy a single Christmas gift but I plan to get on that this weekend and the next.

    Good luck with meeting your goals!

  25. Thanks, Nicole. Good luck with all you want to achieve! x


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