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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Lookback & October Goals.

Whelp, I did better than I expected when it came to my September goals.
Then again, I didn't have overly high hopes. Curse you laziness, curse you!

Eat healthier
Womp womp.
I, in all honesty, didn't have high hopes for this one. I did eat slightly less junk than I usually do, but I'd definitely not say I was successful in eating healthier.

 Drink more water

 Decide on all 5 of my birthday party venues

Spend more time with friends

 Find some sort of shoe storage
I looked through Pinterest for about five minutes before I inevitably ended up in the fashion section again. Oops.

Blog more often
I'm honestly getting lazy with this thing.

Try out some punch recipes for my 21st
Send your recipes my way?

Get serious about buying a house
See Mr. Bank Man about a home loan

Read a book
I honestly can't remember the last time I read a book. I miss reading.

Attempt 3 new recipes from Pinterest
Jesse will see this and annoy me until I do anyways.

100 sit-ups and 50 squats daily
I miss the shape I was in when I played state netball.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Best and Worst of the Brownlow Medal Red Carpet 2014.

The Brownlow Medal, AFL’s night of nights, means only one thing for vultures like me:
red carpet dreams and disasters.
There were some serious hits and plenty of misses.
 Below are my top and bottom picks, see if you can pick a winner yourself.
Photos courtesy of Getty
I love that she’s gone for a subtle, soft grey in this dress; It’s saved it from being a professional ice skater outfit. The colour means the sheer panels on her neck and arms are soft and subtle, and while it taps into the sheer trend.
A stunning bronze number with a beautiful pattern weaved throughout.
The capped sleeve balances out the metallics and the pattern makes it seem rather old world.
She could have stepped straight out of Game of Thrones in this gown.
She’s tapped into the lace trend, and even though I used to have a shower curtain in a similar fabric, by golly it’s good. Sheer with a knee length slip, this dress fits beautifully and is fresh and modern.
This is definitely the sexiest gown of the night.
See how lovely a long sleeved gown can be, when done in the right fabric and the right colour? Her body is beautifully poured into this like a long, cool, curvy glass of water and the natural hair and makeup compliments it perfectly.
 Yellow is a tough colour to pull off, but Candice does it beautifully in this long, flowing gown which is on the darker side of the colour spectrum. The strapless bodice and ripples of fabric go perfectly with her simple updo and red lip.
At first, I hated this dress, but you can’t put a gal down when she does so much for fashion.
I love her extravagance, her experimentation and her adventurous spirit. So even if this dress does remind me a bit of a carousel, it’s a glamorous one and well worth the extra layers.

  Sweet Jesus! Model Gabi Grecko, wore a self-made gothic-inspired gown to mixed reaction. She sure can pick ‘em! She's channelled an S&M queen/burlesque dancer who’s on her way to a Halloween party. It’s part night-time, part one-of-those-clubs-where-candle-wax makes a recurring appearance.
Let’s not even talk about the makeup and Freddy Kreuger-esque claw gloves.
“I knew I wanted to wear crystals, so I put them on my face. I was going to go all out but it took way too long these ones on”.
 Hmm. I love peach, I love a fishnet, and I love lace… but all together is a little too I-just-stepped-out-of-a-spider-web for me, albeit a beautiful coloured one.
 There’s great lace, there’s good lace and there’s where-the-hell-did-the-designer-find-this-lace? This dress, I’m sad to say, is the last of the three. It’s mother-of-the-bride, rather than super bridal and those gold shoes don’t do it any justice.
 I’m a fan of the midriff, and I’m a fan of the lace, so by all rights I should be a fan of this outfit, but something is holding it back from the good list. Is the sleeve? Egads! I believe it is. This bizarre trend for a sheer sleeve with a strip of lace around the wrist must be stopped. Besides having originated on an ice rink, there is nothing that says fashion about it. Wrists are for cuffs. On the arms. Not on the fabric and definitely not in white.
I know that Chanel started this trend, and I know international model and Poppy Delevigne wore the original to her wedding earlier this year, but I do wish Lauren had gone for one not quite so short, nor quite so slashed at the chest. It’s pretty and floaty and white and dreamy, but there’s something about it that is a teensy bit on the cheap end of chic.
Do you agree? Who wore your favourite gown?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Current Crave: Boho.

As self expression is making more of a statement now than ever before, bohemian clothing is more than trend worthy. Kate Moss, Nicole Richie, Mary-Kate Olsen and Sienna Miller all rock the look with free flowing tops, lots of denim and hobo bags.
Boho fashion is all about mixing old with new, making a classic look a trend and expressing your creativity and individuality within an outfit. If you're a free spirit then this is the trend for you!

If you're loving this trend as much as I am right now, hit up Free People.
They sell great clothes with edgy, rough looking, boho elements.

No matter what season, boho chic is never out of style.
Rugged, peasant styles are popular in this genre of fashion, but to the point where it's still stylish. Think lace trims, floral and feather embellishments, fringe and cute eyelets. If you can incorporate a bohemian top into a regular outfit, that's when you know it's the right piece.

All in all, boho chic is a great way of expressing yourself through your clothes.
Make it work, but don't overdo it. You don't want to end up looking like a Buddha doll..

Friday, September 5, 2014

September Goals.

Let's give this "goals" thing a try, shall we?
I'm probably one on the least motivated people in all of Australia. Not even over exaggerating.
Perhaps fear of being judged by a bunch of faceless web-dwellers for not completing one single thing on this list I will give me the push I need.

Eat healthier
Or at the very least, cut out the random late-night snacking and almost daily take-out. Oops.

Drink more water
Starting with a minimum of 5 glasses a day.
I attribute a lot of my ailments to dehydration. Jesse's been on my back to drink more water, but I can't stand the stuff.

Decide on all 5 of my birthday party venues
Not decide, then change my mind another 50 times.

Spend more time with friends
Specifically, my best friend whom I've been neglecting of late.

Find some sort of shoe storage
AKA stalk Pinterest and Ikea catalogs for inspiration.

Blog more often
I'm honestly getting lazy with this thing.

Let's see how this all goes..

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