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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Winter Inspiration Board.

Did anybody else die a slow and painful death when they looked at their calendar this morning and realised that Winter is upon us? It's not like we even were graced with the adjustment period that is Autumn here in Perth. We got a Spring, then by Summer, followed by Winter, Winter.
Cry with me, fellow Southern Hemispherians.

Attempting to cheer myself up got me like:

Cosy bed socks Winter neutrals | Caramel hot chocolate | Winter makeup
My hot vanilla milk My collared button-down under knitted sweater | Tinkerbell bun

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My Bucket List.

Before I began working towards my Diploma of Events, I didn't necessarily live my days by goals and plans. Instead, I ended up spending most of your time caught up the same old mundane day-to-day activities feeling as though time was passing me by without any progress, no yield, no product. Beginning my studies gave me something to work towards, something to strive for, something to achieve. My days now feel as though they have purpose, as though they're going somewhere, and I love that feeling. I love that drive.

Reading Leslie from Peachy Keen's bucket list post a few weeks back caused me to think to myself: "self, you need to create a dang bucket list, because I'll be damned if you die before experiencing all you want out of life". So, with my new-found motivation, that's just what I did:

Visit Paris
Own a vineyard
See The Northern Lights
Visit Italy
Ride in a gondola
Obtain my Diploma and have a career in event planning
Drink Vodka in an ice bar

Explore a rainforest
See snow
Visit Fiji

Own a beach/holiday house
Ride in a hot air balloon
Visit Tokyo
Explore a Japanese shrine/temples
See The Great Barrier Reef before it's depleted
Visit The Maldives
Own a Louis Vuitton bag
Visit New York and Los Angeles

Spend a day at Six Flags
Go on a cruise
Attend Summernats
Get married outdoors
Have a beautiful family
Visit Greece
Explore a glow worm cave
Spend a day at a spa
Have an evening bonfire on the beach
Watch a sunrise and sunset in the same day
Order room service
Have sex in a limo
Spend a night in the presidential suite of a luxury hotel
Visit the Whitsunday Islands
Get a tattoo in a different country

Have a professional boudoir photo shoot
Spend the day as a tourist in my own home town

What's on your bucket list?

Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Finds.

Here are a few of my internet finds (and loves) from over the past week:

\\  How does one junk food manicure? Please teach.  //
\  Vegetables disguised as pasta AKA spicy sesame zoodles with tofu. Yes, please.  //
\\  EGAD! This textured double braid tutorial is simple enough for even me to follow.  //
\\  I MUST with this iced matcha latte.  //
\\  This tee adequately sums up my best talents.  //

Happy Friday!

Monday, May 16, 2016

My Month on Instagram - April.

If you've been following Christie's Take on Life for any amount of time, you'd surely know by now that I'm a major lover of Instagram! At least I was..

Are you guys all as disgusted with the "improved" version as I am? That logo, tho.
I mean, sure, the principle is still the same - It is still the perfect outlet for posting inspiration and little snippets of life, and seeing what my favourite bloggers and friends are up to. But now the aesthetic is all off, in my humble opinion anyways, and I'm dreading the implementation of the "see popular first" algorithm (my feed is unaffected at this point in time, but I've seen reports of it happening to others - eek).

Anywhoo, rant over.
There are so many times that my Instagram posts never make it to my blog, and that's a damn shame because I consider myself to be quite the photographer..
..Not really, but it's a shame nonetheless!

Instalife over the past month looked something like this:

If you haven't already seen, I got tattoo number two.

English breakfast tea is Christie's brunch staple, and we brunched a lot over April. A lot.

Fellow Perth-ians: do yourself a favour and check out Toast in East Perth. It's right on the waterfront and has the best brunch menu.

HOLY HASHTAG! The very next day after posting my wishlist, I picked up Too Faced's Chocolate Bar Palette. I also got my hands on BECCA's backlight priming filter (featured in April's favourites) on sale. Treat yo'self.

I wasn't kidding when I said we brunched a lot. Possibly due to the fact that I discovered the @breakfastinperth instagram account and NEED to try all the places.

Kinky Swell is also a must-visit brunch spot, Perth dwellers. I'm doing you a massive favour here.

I bought Hilltop Hoods tickets for Jesse's birthday and it was a dang good show, not gonna lie.

I love finding pretty new feeds to follow on Instagram; leave your account deets in the comments, or come find me: @christieee__x!

What do you think of the "improved" Instagram?

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Friday Finds.

Here are a few of my internet finds (and loves) from over the past week:

\\  I neeeeeed to make rainbow swirl ice cream! NEED!  //
\\  I can't think of anything better than peanut butter and jelly ice cream sandwiches.  //
\\  This DIY flower serving tray  makes me want to drink all the Springtime drinks.  //
\\  A light garland made with REAL FLOWERS! *insert heart eyes emoji here*  //
\\  I'm not a fan of chocolate, but I could deal with a chocolate milk iced mocha. For sure.  //
\\  Excuse me! I need you to make me these lollipop emoji balloons immediately.  //

Happy Friday!

Monday, May 9, 2016

April Beauty Favourites.

One: Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
After years (I wish that was an exaggeration) of pondering, I finally decided to try Liz Earle's Hot Cloth Cleanser. I don't know what it is, but my skin does nasty things as soon as the weather cools off, so I'm very glad I reached that decision. It's so gentle that I can use it on and around my eyelids and sensitive areas, yet cleanses so deeply, removing the day from my skin. The formula works fabulously with my inconsistently dry/oily skin type and the muslin cloth does a wonderful job of finishing the job. It's all a little luxurious. I'm left with moisturised, soft and clean-feeling skin.

Two: LUSH Ro's Argan Body Conditioner
This was the main feature of a LUSH demonstration that I got suckered in to (as usual) the other day. I loved the results so much, I bought one tub for myself and one tub for mamma bear (proceeds go to a good cause, too *insert angelic emoji here*). This is quite literally the perfect product for lazy old me who rarely bothers to moisturise her body. At all. Ever. You just rub some of this heavenly rose smelling cream on to your body whilst in the shower, wash it off again (or, if you're patient, let it sit for a minute or so like you would a hair conditioner) and BAM! No need to moisturise 'cause guess what, son? You just did. MY LIFE IS COMPLETE! All those nourishing goodies inside ensure that I step out of the shower with ridiculously soft, nourished skin all over and am on my merry way. And the smell! The smell lasts all dang day.

Three: LUSH The Comforter Shower Cream
I purchased The Comforter bubble bar a while back and I fell head over heels in love with the smell. I have no words that I can use to properly describe the deliciously sweet smell! My Lord. So when I accidentally discovered that my beloved also came in the form of a shower cream (!!!! x1,000), I died a thousand deaths of happiness. It's pretty and pink, it lathers so luxuriously, it leave the skin lightly scented - I really don't know what more you could possibly want.

Four: Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
Yup. I ended up purchasing this baby the day after I posted my wishlist; I simply couldn't handle not possessing it any longer. It's a lovely neutral-toned palette that still manages to be incredibly versatile in that you get a good balance of both matte and shimmer shades. It's very easy to get a full look using this one palette alone and I bet $100 it compliments just about any skin tone, eye colour, hair colour in the known universe. Every shade is so dang pigmented and easy to blend, with minimal fall-out and last all day. I think I'm the only one who doesn't like the "chocolate" smell, but that's just personal taste, It's still pretty neat.
As you can surely see by now (or if you follow my Instagram), I spent entirely too much money on high-end beauty last month. But it was worth it. So very worth it. This create a luminous base to begin with, yes, BUT adding foundation and powder and all that other crap over the top doesn't cover up the glow, unlike many luminous primers I have tried. Most importantly: it kept my make-up in place all day, while "blurring" and "filtering" my complexion. I tend to become somewhat oily when I use luminous or dewy products; this has been the first luminous formulation I have tried that doesn't cause that. I'm in love, guys.

What are you loving this month?

Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Finds.

Here are a few of my internet finds (and loves) from over the past week:

\ I wish it were Spring so I could enjoy some strawberry mojito popsicles without judgement.  //
\\  Do you know what I need? I need a fucking MERMAID BLANKET!  //
\\  This half-up twist seems easy (and pretty) enough, right? RIGHT?!  //
\\  I am newly obsessed with suitcase nightstands.  //
\\  Passionfruit margarita pie parfaits; Everybody likes parfaits.  //
\\  I have found the meaning of life in this rosé sangria recipe.  //

Happy Friday!

Monday, May 2, 2016

April Look Back and May Goals.

A look back at April's goals:

Take the time to think about a Mother's Day present
"I hate the fact that there's only one month between my mum's birthday and Mother's Day. IT'S TOO MUCH PRESSURE! As with her birthday present, I shall find something meaningful to get for Mother's Day, and I shall find it in plenty of time."
Tick: Daughter of the year award to me.

 Submit at least 3 assessments
"Since I stressed so much about the "Budget" section, I think I've burnt myself out when it comes to studying. I've half-completed two assessments, if I can refocus and submit three this month, I'll be proud. The most proud."
Tick: I done got my act back together. Just in time for another workshop, too. Pats on the back for me.

 Reign in the crappy food I've been eating
"After doing so well food-wise for so many months, I've lapsed back in to bad (junky) eating habits. I aim to kick that and get back in to the eating habit I had back then, which obviously was my time of greatest weight loss. Win win."
Cross: I like food, what can I say?

 Walk one evening a week
ve been meaning to drag Jesse on weekly walks/jogs/runs (who am I kidding? I don't run) for a long time now. This month I aim to ignore the excuses, both his and mine and go for at least a walk, if not, a jog around a different area each Thursday in April."
Tick: (!!) I really, reallllyyyy didn't expect for me to even bother with this one, but I did. We did. Every. Damn. Week. Even though it was dark and cold by the time I got home from work. I'd actually like to continue our walks for.. well.. ever.

Goals for May:

 Save some moolah
I may or may not have spent an unnecessarily large amount of money last month. This month, I'm going to cut out all online shopping completely and spend only on the essentials, only spending just that little bit extra on dates/dinners with Jesse.

Complete the "Marketing" unit before the workshop
I have one (long, daunting) assessment left in the Marketing unit before it's done with forever. Although I haven't even started, I hope to have in completed and submitted before I attend the next workshop on the 11th (one week, eek!).

Loose 1kg
My weight has plateaued for the past 3 or so months (most definitely due to my crappy eating habits), and it's really draining all my motivation and drive. I know that if I can just loose 1kg this month, I'll gain back that drive.

Schedule dental appointment
Christie got a taste of what a root canal is like a few weeks back (FUN TIMES FOR ME), and they recommended that round two should be done in about two or so months. As much as I'd like to never return to that torture chair, I should book that appointment and get it over and done with.

Make time to see my friends
To say life has been hectic over the past couple of months would be a gross understatement. As a result, I've been a terrible friend and neglected those who mean most to me. I'd like to catch up with each of them in some way this month.

Sharing is Caring!