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Monday, May 2, 2016

April Look Back and May Goals.

A look back at April's goals:

Take the time to think about a Mother's Day present
"I hate the fact that there's only one month between my mum's birthday and Mother's Day. IT'S TOO MUCH PRESSURE! As with her birthday present, I shall find something meaningful to get for Mother's Day, and I shall find it in plenty of time."
Tick: Daughter of the year award to me.

 Submit at least 3 assessments
"Since I stressed so much about the "Budget" section, I think I've burnt myself out when it comes to studying. I've half-completed two assessments, if I can refocus and submit three this month, I'll be proud. The most proud."
Tick: I done got my act back together. Just in time for another workshop, too. Pats on the back for me.

 Reign in the crappy food I've been eating
"After doing so well food-wise for so many months, I've lapsed back in to bad (junky) eating habits. I aim to kick that and get back in to the eating habit I had back then, which obviously was my time of greatest weight loss. Win win."
Cross: I like food, what can I say?

 Walk one evening a week
ve been meaning to drag Jesse on weekly walks/jogs/runs (who am I kidding? I don't run) for a long time now. This month I aim to ignore the excuses, both his and mine and go for at least a walk, if not, a jog around a different area each Thursday in April."
Tick: (!!) I really, reallllyyyy didn't expect for me to even bother with this one, but I did. We did. Every. Damn. Week. Even though it was dark and cold by the time I got home from work. I'd actually like to continue our walks for.. well.. ever.

Goals for May:

 Save some moolah
I may or may not have spent an unnecessarily large amount of money last month. This month, I'm going to cut out all online shopping completely and spend only on the essentials, only spending just that little bit extra on dates/dinners with Jesse.

Complete the "Marketing" unit before the workshop
I have one (long, daunting) assessment left in the Marketing unit before it's done with forever. Although I haven't even started, I hope to have in completed and submitted before I attend the next workshop on the 11th (one week, eek!).

Loose 1kg
My weight has plateaued for the past 3 or so months (most definitely due to my crappy eating habits), and it's really draining all my motivation and drive. I know that if I can just loose 1kg this month, I'll gain back that drive.

Schedule dental appointment
Christie got a taste of what a root canal is like a few weeks back (FUN TIMES FOR ME), and they recommended that round two should be done in about two or so months. As much as I'd like to never return to that torture chair, I should book that appointment and get it over and done with.

Make time to see my friends
To say life has been hectic over the past couple of months would be a gross understatement. As a result, I've been a terrible friend and neglected those who mean most to me. I'd like to catch up with each of them in some way this month.


  1. Dental appointment have been on my shortlist for months, finally got around to making it for May. Fingers crossed.

  2. I have been slacking in the Food department as well and hope to change that this month. I did have my dental appointment in April and all was well! Thank goodness. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  3. These are some great goals, writing down helps them be more reachable!

  4. Looks like you did pretty well on your goals in April, good job! I need to save some money this month too. I'm going to try to eat out less to accomplish that!

  5. Go girl! You rocked April's goals. I'm right there with you on eating better and losing weight! Good luck on May's Goals. The dentist is the worst but you can do it, girlie! It'll be better for you in the long run!

  6. Good luck! The dentist's office would have to be in my top 5 worst places on Earth. x

  7. We can't help that food is delicious, right? :P

    Lucky thing! I'm glad no teeth were in need of pulling/drilling/scraping/needles/all the worst things in the world that dentists like to do. D: I'mma need that luck aha thank you. x

  8. Definitely! Thanks for stopping by. :) x

  9. Thanks, Rachel. :) I usually achieve about half (in a good month), so I'm pretty proud I beat that average last month. :)

    Yes! Dinners/meals out is the biggest expenditure for me too. x

  10. Thanks for the support, Leslie! I'm definitely going to need it this month aha. x

  11. Ouch, reminds me I need to go to a dentist soon too, so not ready for it! You have some pretty reasonable goals, good luck!
    xx, Kusum | www.sveeteskapes.com

  12. Great goals! I'm trying super hard to save this month as well. I feel like I've been spending way too much on clothes! (story of my life.) Best of luck with all of your goals!! XO

  13. You're so welcome. Want to be my accountability partner for the month? We can check in on each other once a week, if you'd like!

  14. I think the dentist is my least favourite place in the world. Ugh. Good luck with that, and thank you. :) x

  15. I feel you there, sista aha. Thank you. :3 x


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