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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My Bucket List.

Before I began working towards my Diploma of Events, I didn't necessarily live my days by goals and plans. Instead, I ended up spending most of your time caught up the same old mundane day-to-day activities feeling as though time was passing me by without any progress, no yield, no product. Beginning my studies gave me something to work towards, something to strive for, something to achieve. My days now feel as though they have purpose, as though they're going somewhere, and I love that feeling. I love that drive.

Reading Leslie from Peachy Keen's bucket list post a few weeks back caused me to think to myself: "self, you need to create a dang bucket list, because I'll be damned if you die before experiencing all you want out of life". So, with my new-found motivation, that's just what I did:

Visit Paris
Own a vineyard
See The Northern Lights
Visit Italy
Ride in a gondola
Obtain my Diploma and have a career in event planning
Drink Vodka in an ice bar

Explore a rainforest
See snow
Visit Fiji

Own a beach/holiday house
Ride in a hot air balloon
Visit Tokyo
Explore a Japanese shrine/temples
See The Great Barrier Reef before it's depleted
Visit The Maldives
Own a Louis Vuitton bag
Visit New York and Los Angeles

Spend a day at Six Flags
Go on a cruise
Attend Summernats
Get married outdoors
Have a beautiful family
Visit Greece
Explore a glow worm cave
Spend a day at a spa
Have an evening bonfire on the beach
Watch a sunrise and sunset in the same day
Order room service
Have sex in a limo
Spend a night in the presidential suite of a luxury hotel
Visit the Whitsunday Islands
Get a tattoo in a different country

Have a professional boudoir photo shoot
Spend the day as a tourist in my own home town

What's on your bucket list?


  1. I was just recently teaching a lesson about the Northern Lights and was in awe of the videos I found of them. It would be something really cool to see in real life!

  2. I would LOVE to go back to NYC and LA. I've been to both but the trips seemed so short! I'm a midwest gal; I'd love to go back!

  3. I love this list!! There are a few things on here that I have done and a few I would love to!! I have always wanted to go to the Maldives! Thank you for sharing!

  4. These are such fun things! When you own that vineyard I want to come visit! I definitely want to see The Northern Lights and ride in a hot air balloon! Getting married outdoors is definitely a must! Outdoor weddings are incredible for so many reasons.

    I'm so glad I inspired you! You're such a doll!

  5. Love this list! The Northern Lights are definitely both on mine too. I've been working my way through my 30-before-30 list - you're giving me inspiration for my next list! :)
    XO Amanda | www.glitterandspice.com

  6. I've ALWAYS wanted to visit Italy, don't know why...just have! it looks so lovely and great sights to see :)
    Jess from Beautiful Breakable

  7. I see that we have a lot in common - a lot of these are also on my bucket list! I guess great minds think alike! xxx

  8. We have lots of the same bucket list items! I would love to see the Northern Lights and go to Greece the most!

  9. So beautiful! Definitely a must-see phenomenon! x

  10. Aw definitely do! Who knows, I might just be there too. ;) x

  11. I've spent far too many hours Google image and Pinterest searching the Maldives. :o
    So pretty - there's even a freakin' GLOWING OCEAN! A must-see for sure. :) x

  12. Aw I'm glad, too.
    I've seen some of your wedding photos, too. Outdoors is definitely the way to go!
    You will be the first to know about my vineyard aha. There'll be a glass of my finest waiting for you. :P xx

  13. Aha aw I'm glad I could be of some help. :)

  14. I loved reading this. Fiji is beautiful you really must visit, I would love to visit the northern lights. Even though they are much closer to home for me than Fiji, I still haven't been..... On day I'm sure. Xx

  15. Yaas! Italy has definitely been on my travel list for the longest of all. I'm half Italian so it's basically a travesty for me not to go aha. x

  16. What a coink-i-dink! They'd both be the most amazing experiences! :o x

  17. Oooh I'm insanely jealous. :o
    Definitely find a way to see the Northern Lights! DO IT! Because I said so! :P x

  18. OMG!!! I'd love to own a vineyard one day too! And I wanna visit the same places too!


    Tamara - LoveofMode.com

  19. So many things that are on my bucket list too. Although on mine is a Marc Jacobs bag instead of the Louis Vuitton haha

  20. Oooh, gurlll. You're speaking my language with Marc Jacobs. :P x

  21. This is a great bucket list! Pairs is amazing - I want to stay there forever!


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