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Monday, January 16, 2017

December Look Back and January 2017 Goals.

Now, before I even begin this post, I'd like to put a huge disclaimer on the fact that these are in no way new year's resolutions. I truly believe that setting yourself small, attainable goals each month is far more effective that setting resolutions. I'm also acutely aware that we're already half way through January, but better late than never, amirite?

Also! What's this? New year, new graphic. Holla.

A look back at December's goals (and old graphic - so last year):

Meal Prep

"I've been taking my fitness super seriously over the past few weeks. I'm exercising like crazy, but it's not doing me any good without a solid meal plan. By the time I've finished work and left the gym, the last thing I want to do is cook a wholesome meal. It's so easy to pick something up on the way home, or heat up an oh-so-nutritious bowl of instant noodles which isn't doing me any favours. I'm dedicated to making Sunday "meal prep day" where I'll create a week's worth of healthy dinners to curb late night eating and 'easy' unhealthy dinners."

Cross: I literally did not prep one meal all December. Or any time ever for that matter. Major fail on this one.

Re-take old blog photos

"I went though a few of my very old posts whilst attempting the whole Pinterest thing mentioned above, and boy would I'd like to re-take a lot all of my (horrible) blog photos and create pinable images during my five week Christmas break."

Tick: Sort of. I re-took a few old photos (wassup, new goals photo. Also here) during my spare time, but I definitely would have liked to have taken more.

Enjoy the holidays without going too far (as usual)

"By too far, I mean eating double my weight in food every day for a month. I'm going to enjoy the food, fun and festivities, but I'm still going to attempt to keep it under control. If I can get to the gym even once a week over my break, I'll be a happy girl."

Cross: I did bad, you guys. So. Bad. But I sure did enjoy the holidays sooo, half tick, half cross?


"I've got a whole stash of stuff that I no longer want, use or need and I've been meaning to have a giant Spring clean for such a long time, but I keep putting it off to when I "have more time" (read: when I can be bothered (never)), but there's truly nothing better than starting a new year with a decluttered space and being able to fit Christmas your presents in your damn house."

Cross: What can I say? I'm lazy. I didn't have high hopes for this one and rightly so.

January's goals:

Get back on track with my exercise

I allowed myself (too much) time to enjoy the holiday season without worrying too much at all about hitting the gym, but now it's time that I get back in to my exercise routine and stick to it.

Continue giving new life to old posts

I'm proud of myself for editing the few oldies that I have over the past week or so, but I would definitely like to continue doing so, preferably by bulk taking photos whilst I'm still off of work. The photo taking is always what kills me. Always.

Eat properly

I've been eating a lot lately. Like a lot. However I've not been eating actual meals. I've more so been snacking on leftover Christmas bits and takeout because it's too damn hot to cook and I'm lazy and I just can't with life right now. BUT starting now, I'm making the conscious effort to eat nutritious meals and cut out snacking as much as possible.

Get back in to a routine of sorts

I've really (and I mean really) been slacking in every aspect of my life lately, so I'd like to start to get back in to something of a routine to ensure that going going back to work isn't going to be such a big shock to the system. Sleeping pattern, meal pattern, exercise routine. KGO.


  1. Great goals for January. Mine are pretty much the same. If I can do two workouts a week for a month, I'll be gold! Good luck!

  2. Christmas leftovers definitely don't make healthy eating habits all that easy to maintain...but they are so delightfully yummy! Glad you're looking to begin the year strong!

  3. Don't worry, you're not late. I haven't even set January goals, because usually January mean finals month for me so no time for other things.
    I also though about retaking some of my old blog post photos to change the stock photos that I used back then. Let me know how it turned out for you!

    Cristina | *janded

  4. I have some horrific photos in past posts that I really need to sort out too. Good luck with January's goals!

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

  5. Great goals for the New Year! Mine are similar, especially the getting back into an exercise routine and managing my eating habits! Good luck! xxx

  6. Goals, especially health and fitness related ones, get harder through the holiday period, good luck with completing your January goals!

    Kez | acaciasdreams.com

  7. Girl I feel ya about the exercise! I think I maybe went to the gym about 4 or 5 times between Thanksgiving and New Years..but this week I have made it to the gym every day this week!

  8. Cheers to a new year doll! I know you'll accomplish all this and so much more. I definitely need to work on eating healthier and working out, too.

  9. I love setting goals! I also am a fan of setting goals/resolutions each month instead of just at the beginning of the year.

  10. Thanks, Amanda! Good luck with your goals - you can do it! x

  11. They sure don't - ugh. Especially being from an Italian family, there's just so much food! Im determined, though. Thanks, girl. :) x

  12. Oh good, I'm not alone aha. I usually don't bother with January goals, either but that's purely because it's a lazy month ahahaha. Good luck with your finals!
    Of the 2-3 photos that I've re-taken, I've already noticed an increase in my traffic to those posts coming from Pinterest. Definitely worth the effort. :) x

  13. It's so embarrassing to looks back on your old work sometimes haha, but it's also exciting to see the progress you've made in your blogging, writing and photography skills. :) x

  14. The two hardest things to accomplish after Christmas if you ask me aha. Good luck! x

  15. I couldn't agree more! Coming from an Italian background, there's STILL so much leftover food. Plus, I'm lazy ahahaha. I'm determined, though! x

  16. It's so hard to get back in to a routine, especially if you're as lazy as I and just want to eat eat eat. :P Good on you for getting to the gym every day - you should be proud! :) x

  17. Aww thanks, Leslie! I'm pretty determined after jumping on the scales and seeing exactly what toll Christmas took on my body (cringe). Happy new year! x

  18. Yesssss. It's so much more effective to set smaller, attainable goals each month, than new year resolutions. In my opinion, anyways. :) x

  19. Kaitlyn Fickle KillebrewJanuary 18, 2017 at 6:13 PM

    I'm really trying to eat better! That's a major downfall of mine!

  20. These goals are RIGHT on point!! I'm definitely with you on the eat cleaner front and exercise more. I'd just like more energy and I think working out is the way to get there!! Lets do it :)


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