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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March Lookback and April Goals.

My God.. This post doesn;t even deserve an introduction.. Seriously.
All I can say, is a giant WOMP WOMP. I didn't achieve any of my goals last month.
None. Nadda. Zero. Just look at all that red..

March Goals:

Take more photos
This was always on my mind, Jesse and I went on so many little dates during March, I could have easily taken more than enough photos.. Yet, I didn't. I just didn't. I'm pretty sure if you were to open up my Instagram, you'd see that it's been overrun by tumbleweeds..

Cook dinner for Jesse at least twice
Boy went hongray this month. I'm actually pretty disappointed I didn't get to
cook anything at least once (and I'm sure Jesse is to). I love making him dinner, and laughing at his 'Babe, I ate too much' agony. Mwhaha.

Wind down before bed
I'm that much of a TV junkie, I didn't really expect I'd uphold this for too long. I started off so well, and, in my defence, I actually turned off my TV as soon as Jesse left every single night. Buuuuuttt, after about 8 days, I was just staring at my phone until silly times instead. On the bright side, I didn't take the ol' sleep-aroo pill once.

Connect with other bloggers
Although I'd spoken with my blogging bud and my mug swap partner a fair bit last month, my main goal was really to connect with a larger audience, meet new people, join chats and link-ups, all that jazz and I just didn't get that done.

Try that yoga class right next to work
Yeah, well, nah.
I did look in to it, and I was really excited because I've missed Bikram so much, but the class just didn't have a schedule that worked around my work hours.. I looked in to a few classes that were being held around my house, rather than work, but again, work.

Help Jesse plan his 21st
HELP, Jesse.. Not plan the whole thing for you. Silly boy. (Yes, he reads this)
His birthday is less than a month away, and he's still not planned anything for his 21st. Which really is no surprise.. But since I'm wanting to make a career in event planning, I'd love to help come up with ideas and book anything that's needed. Kiddo deserves it.

Try 1 new recipe from Pinterest
If I can post it on the blog as well, that'd be a great bonus seeming as I've already failed that 'post a recipe a month' goal I set for myself in February. That's right, I didn't even make it two months..Good going, Christie.
I love creating new things, I've just got to find the motivation to make something.

Enough said.
I've been wanting a tattoo for I don't know how long; I've designed it and everything. Buuut, Christie's scared of needles so she's been putting off even looking in to it. This month, I'm going to go into a tattoo parlour with an artist who's confident in smaller tattoos and, at the very least, get a quote. Sorry, mum.

Organize my iTunes
Transferring all my songs from my old laptop to my Mac has been an effort.5..
Remembers when I said my iPod freaked and deleted all my songs? #Sadface
Yup, well, only now that I'm trying to get them all back on have I realised the state of my iTunes and my OCPD is going cray-cray. Artists spelt incorrectly, genres all mixed up, albums missing.. Ugh. I've got a fair few thousand songs, so if I can place at least half of them in the correct album (complete with cover art), I'll be a happy girl!

Lose 5% of my body weight
I think I've complained a solid 50 times this year alone about my weight gain, all while not really doing too much about it.. Consistently anyways.
A more realistic way too look at it (for me) is to think of it as just losing 5% of my weight right now.. which works out to about 3.5kg. It's more attainable for my lazy ass and I know how good I'll feel if I can lose it. Plus "I lost 5% of my body mass this month" sounds more impressive than "I lost 3kg this month".

Here's hoping I do a shit ton better this month.. Let's face it, that's not hard.
What are your goals for April?

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