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Monday, September 7, 2015

August Look Back & September Goals.

A lookback of August's goals:

Goal: Re-visit old blog posts
Back in my beginner blogger days, I'd post almost daily. These posts would MAYBE be seen by a few people, and have since disappeared into the blog post graveyard. I've been poking around in those old posts lately, and I'd like to think my #BloggerSkillz have improved since then. I've seen there is more that I could squeeze out of most of my old content, things I can improve, font colours I need to change.. Even the sub-par posts can be repurposed in some way - the ideas are good, but the overall post is of amateur production. I recently recycled an old beauty hack post and it already has over 4x the amount of  views as the original.
Cross: I tried. Sort of. I edited a few font colours here and there, but nothing substantial enough to count this one as a success.

Goal: Leave more comments
To me, it seems pretty asshole-y not to leave a thoughtful comment on a post you enjoyed reading, and you're pretty ignorant to assume people will comment on all the things if you don't reciprocate. It's something that used to be second nature to me, but I've since gotten shamefully slack. I aim to leave around 5 meaningful and encouraging (read: not shitty spam - I actually hate you) comments per day on blog posts that I liked.
Cross: Again, I tried. I left a few comments here and there, and admittedly, it's more than I have been commenting recently, but definitely nowhere near what I'd like.

Goal: Lose 3kg
My gym sessions are still consistent, but I'm falling back in to bad habits food-wise. If I can muster up the will power and monitor what I put in to my body more carefully, there's no reason why I can't lose at least 3kg this month. Because after photos amirite.
Tick: Those goals you forgot you had, but achieve them anyways are the best. It felt so good to see that I'd lost 3.2kg over the month. I'm sure I've put that and then some back on over my holiday, but for now, I'm happy.

Goal: Respond
I've been getting lazy with my responses lately. Responses of all kinds, from blog-related emails and comments, to personal Facebook messages. Not only does it look bad from a professional point of view, but I'm missing out on a lot of information and events.
Tick: Yusss. Every day I responded to new emails and got back to my Facebook messages within two days of receiving them.

September goals

Make business cards
I recently attended a Blogger's United meet (read) and I think I was about the only person there without blogger business cards. Whoops. Not that anyone minded, but I think it's about time I got some.

Plan birthday
MY BIRTHDAY IS A MONTH AWAY (!!!) and I have zero idea what I'm going to do to celebrate, which makes me uncomfortable because I usually have this shit down come June. I'd definitely like to do something with all of my friends, the question is.. what?

Find a car
You may have read a while back about my accident. Insert knife emoticon here.
It's about time I got my own vehicle again though she'll never compare to my baby.

Go to a dermatologist

The itchiness of my legs that I always seem to post about when I review moisturisers is getting worse and I'm scratching myself to the point of bleeding all over my sheets at night. Perhaps I have a mild case of eczema? I've been meaning to see someone for a while now so I guess now's a good a time as ever.

Lose 4kg
I've been so proud of my 3kg loss last week that I've decided to push myself to lose that bit extra. I know I've put on some over the course of my holiday, so I'll have to work that bit harder this month.

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