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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

September Beauty Favourites

I'm not a huge hair mask user. I've tried one or two over the years but its definitely not something that I've used regularly. You surely know by now that I'm a massive lover of anything John Frieda, so I picked this up on a whim hoping to improve my dry ends. I noticed a difference after the first use and I've since been using it every couple of weeks to keep my hair healthy and manageable. My hair is honestly so much softer and shinier, without being weighed down or feeling greasy. This has restored a lot of moisture to my dry hair and noticeably reduced the frizziness/fluffiness. Plus, it has that signature John Frieda smell. You know the one.

Two: Redken Frizz Dismiss Finishing Sheets
The sudden change from cold to warm has done some crazy things to my body - including charging me up with static. I received these at the Bloggers United event I attended the other month and I've been carrying them around in my handbag all September. These finishing sheets are supposed to work for all hair types to get rid of static, frizz, and fly-aways, and they've honestly been a lifesaver throughout the constantly changing Spring humidity. Quickly wiping a sheet over my hair leaves me frizz-free and unexpectedly soft and shiny. However, until the humidity settles, I do need a little touch up after lunch (due to the lower FPF rating), but that's easily done.

Three: Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Sculpting Kit in 'Mid Brown'
I was a bit nervous about the colour when I first used this, since Rimmel don't seem to make a blonde offering, but if I use a light hand, mid brown seems to match me perfectly. I especially love the wax part of the kit. So much so that I rarely even use the powder. You can get such a defined brow that still manages to look natural, and the slight tackiness also helps to set your brows in place. The powder is lovely, too. It's pigmented and wonderful if you're going for a softer look. I've found that using both the powder and the wax at the same time is too dark against my overall colouring, but it definitely gives you filled-in, defined eyebrows. Make a blonde shade, damn it, and I'll be set for life.

Four: Makeup Revolution Eye Palette in 'Iconic 3'
I actually won this in Gill's giveaway late last year, but I've been using it increasingly over the past month and I've only JUST realised that it's a pretty decent dupe for Urban Decay's Naked 3 Palette. Containing pearl, shimmer and matte shades which are all so easy to blend, this palette is perfect for building a smoky night-time look. The colours are all so soft, buttery and incredibly pigmented so they go on smooth and creamy. Creamy powder.. is that a thing? Let's say yes for the purpose of this review. I've been using the gold colour the most and it's just gorgeous with black. The matte white shade is also great as an brow bone highlight.

Five: Rimmel Apocalips Matte Lip Velvet in 'Atomic Rose'
This is a favourite because of the shade more than the lipstick itself. 'Atomic Rose' is a light dusty rose, and for me, the perfect nude. Such an amazing, everyday shade. The formula is crazy pigmented, meaning the colour pay off, even for a nude shade, is amazing. The texture is quite velvety and it applies smoothly and evenly. The longevity isn't amazing, however. Rimmel's Provocolips line definitely lasts longer, but the I much prefer the Apocalips shade range, limited as it may be. I personally like to use a lip scrub and apply a balm a good 10-20 minutes beforehand because this will unfortunately emphasize any dry chapped parts of the lips, as do most matte formulas. Speaking of, these are supposed to be matte, but I'd call it more semi-matte as it has more of a satin finish. In my experience, it takes a while to dry and turn matte and can also feel slightly powdery when they’re in the process of settling into the lips but it's all worth it for that perfect nude

What are your favourites for the month?


  1. That John Frieda mask looks fantastic, I might have to see if it's available in New Zealand. Great post!

  2. ooohhh, that palette looks amazing!

  3. I love beauty product posts. It gives me ideas of new items to try! I can't wait to try that eyebrow pallet! :)

  4. Definitely going to look into that mask!!

  5. I've been wanting to get the L'Oreal Palette. I heard its like a dupe of Naked3

  6. The eye palette has beautiful colors and I want to try out the eyebrow sculpting kit

  7. I'm loving the palette and the best thing? It's so cheap! :D
    Definitely give the brow kit a try! It took me a little longer to learn to apply it right, after years of only really using a pencil, but once you get the hang of it, it's wonderful. :) x

  8. Yasss! I've heard the same thing! :o x

  9. Do itttt! Best decision of my haircare life. :P x

  10. It's great, and it's relatively cheap, too! KA-CHING! x

  11. They're my favourite type of posts to read, as a matter of fact. :) I love scoping out what fellow beauty lovers have been enjoying.

    I couldn't recommend the brow palette more. Definitely worth a try! x

  12. As far as I know, John Frieda is available in kiwi-land. I could be wrong, though.
    It's definitely worth a try if you can get your hands on it! x


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