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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Beauty Empties #4

A dry shampoo that every person and their dog is aware of. It's relatively inexpensive and smells amazing. I use it on second day hair, or for a boost when it's looking a little flat/oily. I haven't ever found there to be any powdery white build-up against my blonde hair when I use it, which is exactly what you want in a dry shampoo.
Repurchase? Nope. Contrary to Batiste hype, I much prefer V05's offering - Plump It Up.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (Light)
My ever favourite under eye brightener (rather than a concealer). It's easy to apply with it's doe foot applicator and creamy formula allows it to spread and blend beautifully, leaving a dewier finish. The 'light' shade instantly lights up the area under my eyes, making me look more awake. I don't feel as though the concealing power isn't all that great compared to others out there (ohai, Erase Paste), but it still does an alright job of hiding those blemishes and red spots.
 Repurchase? Always

AVON Blackhead Eliminating Daily Astringent
Though I do find alcohol-based astringents to be rather harsh on the skin, I've been using this lil' baby for years because it does THE BEST job of cleaning and refreshing the skin (when your cotton ball comes away brown and grimy, even after washing, you know it's clearing deep down in the pores) without leaving any residue behind. In regards to the 'blackhead eliminating' claims: I honestly don't see a difference when it comes to clearing those nasty things up, although it does get really deep down, so I suppose it's preventing any new ones from appearing - I certainly haven't had any new patches pop up.
Repurchase? Yes.

Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes
I always try my best to avoid face wipes, but I've always got a pack on my table on the rare occasion I'm feeling too lazy (read: drunk) to properly remove my makeup before bed. These are far more gentle than any other brand I've tried, and don't sting my eyes at all. Best of all, a tenderness I  usually get around my eyes when using wipes isn't present at all. They also do a surprisingly good job removing make-up - even mascara, which is always difficult for me to take off. The wipes do leave a slight residue behind, but it actually feels like a lotion - not greasy or sticky at all and absorbs quickly, leaving my skin unexpectedly soft and moisturised.
Repurchase? Yes, Sir.

The smell of this shower gel, guys. The. Smell. It's blackcurrant and smells like purple snake lollies and I can't deal. It contains good natural oil beads which kept my skin feeling soft and nourished. Plus there's the vegan aspect of all Original Source shower gels; Vegan = Christie's tick of approval. 
Repurchase? If I'm ever low in my endless supply of shower gels, yes.

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream
I received this tube of goodness at the Bloggers United event I attended back in September (and rolled every last drop out of that mother). It's great at moisturising and restoring dry and rough skin and is so absorbed so very quickly without leaving any oily residue which is the main thing I look for in a hand cream. Containing many natural good-for-skin oils, it also works to improve and repair the skin as well as moisturise, and the pleasant orange-y citrus scent actually lingers on the hands for quite some time.
Repurchase? Not likely - I love my MOR Marshmallow too much to replace her.

Fruity Fresh Wash and Wear Body Wash
I got this for Christmas from Jesse's mum (you cutie), and I have no idea where she found it but I will find another (the lack of link here is really screwing with my OCD). I would describe the texture as more of a jelly than a gel - it's much thicker, meaning you do need to use slightly more than you normally would, but the lather it gives is quite amazing. And then there's the scent. Oh boy. It's like a tropical, sweet, peachy, embrace that I can't even describe.
Repurchase? If I can find it, then yes x100.

I have about 20 sample sized bottles of this stuff laying around, and it's a pretty rad formula, I'm not going to lie. I keep a bottle on my desk at work, a bottle at Jesse's house,  a bottle in my handbag and the rest are strewn all about my house for use pretty much at all times no matter where I am. Despite the 10-in-1 claim, I only really use it as a moisturiser, in which it does an amazing job, relieving dry, itchy and flaky skin, sinking in nicely without leaving sticky or greasy residue.
Repurchase? If I ever run out of bottles, yes.

Le Tan Coconut Oil (SPF 30+)
You can tell how long I've been holding on to some of these empties, eh? I used this almost every day on my lunch break in the sun (oh, Summer I miss you) for that gorgeous Summer tan. The formulation protects and hydrates the skin to help prevent peeling and dryness, leaving your skin smelling all coconut-y and delicious. It sinks in nicely IF you don't use too much. Honestly, you really only need a little bit.
Repurchase? For whenever miserable Perth will next see sunshine, yes.


  1. I too am a fan of the Neutrogena Make-up removing wipes for nights when I am too tired to wash off my make-up.

  2. Batiste is my absolute favorite dry shampoo! Best i've tried!

  3. I remember using the Avon clear skin in my teen years but don't remember whether it was good enough to consider an alcohol-based product again.
    Batiste is my favourite dry shampoo brand though I am recently trying to stay away from dry shampoos in general. It does come in handy though.

  4. Believe it or not- I've NEVER tried dry shampoo!!!

  5. Looks like some great products! I want to eventually try out some dry shampoo since I travel so much, I think it could be a nice little addition to my beauty bag.

  6. Elizabeth Duquette-Hollands (MJune 28, 2016 at 8:10 AM

    I have tried 3 different brands of dry shampoo and NONE have worked :/ I just think I can't use them LOL.

    I love Maybellines FIT ME line though! Aren't they great? :D

  7. I could use all of these! I haven't had the best experience with dry shampoos, so maybe I'll try this brand next.

  8. I just finished my Fit Me concealer too lol and I use the Neutrogena wipes daily <3

  9. Oh dear - you win some, you lose some eh.
    Oh yes, I'm loving Fit Me! Matte and Poreless is become a huge fave of mine too. :) x

  10. I try not to use it too much, but it's a great backup - definitely great for travel! x

  11. Aw definitely give it a go! Batiste has a pretty good reputation. If all else fails, at least it smells amazing aha. x

  12. It definitely is strong for such a delicate area of skin, but I can justify it for how clean it gets my face. :)
    I try not to use dry shampoo too much too, but you're right - it's definitely a good back up. x

  13. Whaaaaattt?! Girlll, jump on the dry shampoo train! I try not to use it too much, but it's a great backup, and super handy for traveling. :) x

  14. It's got a pretty good reputation. :) x

  15. caroline | thecarodiariesJune 28, 2016 at 8:33 PM

    I am obsessed with Maybelline FitMe.. it's the perfect dupe for my NARS concealer! And I swear by Batiste dry shampoo!

  16. These are all great! I use those face wipes a lot too, and I go through them so fast.

  17. I've not tried NARS' offering, purely because I haven't had to - Fit Me is amazing aha. x

  18. They always seem to run out so quickly. x


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