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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

August Beauty Favourites.

One: Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer
I looovvveeee this drugstore offering. I reach for it for daily looks rather than my forever favourite Benefit Hoola Bronzer, which I save for special occasions #FrugalLiving. In all honestly, I don't notice a huge difference between the two (!!!) The powder is smooth and creamy (somehow) the colour is non-muddy which makes it amazing for either contouring or adding a glow to the face. The smell, too guys. Summer-y, coconut-ty goodness. Sigh.

Two: The Body Shop Mineral and Ginger Warming Massage Clay Mask
This is pretty neat, I must say. It literally warms up due to the natural ingredients upon contact and didn't irritate my sensitive skin at all. I've been suffering from the flu recently, and the warming ginger (which we all know is a flu-buster) really made me feel that much better, if only for a little while. It really felt like it was getting deep down into my pores and left my face feeling soft and moisturized after I wash it off.

Three: Nuxe Multi-Purpose Dry Oil
The Winter weather reeked havoc on my skin, leaving it dry and itchy. I've been using facial oils for quite some time now, but have only just dipped my toe in the multi-oil world. I've been using this all over my body and on the ends of my hair almost daily to remedy my dry everything and the difference has been insane. Being a dry oil, it doesn't leave my skin feeling slippery and, well, oily. It just leaves my body feeling soft and nourished, with a lingering floral scent.

Four: Australis Sense No Fear Eyeliner
I'm not going to lie, I bought this because I thought it looked cool. Turns out, the design of the whole contraption makes application so much easier! Great for liquid newbies or just the generally unco (hi). The felt tip is flexible and doesn't drag, it applies nicely over eye shadow and pencil liner (my biggest annoyance with a lot of liquid formulas is that they won't work over pre-existing makeup), it is satisfiably long lasting, the liquid dries really quickly and once it is dry, there's no smudging and it's pretty water resistant. Not waterproof but it does stand up nicely against it.

I don't know how silly this is going to sound.. but these are (individually wrapped!) face wipes.. soaked in coconut oil. Whatttt?! I mean, I could just use a coconut oil, I guess, but I really do enjoy using these wipes. They quickly, easily and gently melt my make-up (waterproof included) away, while moisturizing and softening my sensitive skin at the same time. It truly is a luxurious experience if you ask me.

What products are you loving lately?


  1. I'll have to check out that bronzer! I always forget about Physician's Formula for some reason in the drugstore, but they're a great brand!

  2. I absolutely love that bronzer! It's my favorite. I actually can't ever find it in-stores anymore, sob. I'm not normally one for a coconut smell, but it didn't bother me! I love the texture, it's the first time I've ever understood what someone means when they say a powder is "silky".

    xo Steph
    A Sparkle Factor

  3. I'll have to check our the mask. The ginger combination sounds heavenly!

  4. I love the Butter Bronzer, it really does rival Hoola in my favorite bronzers! Milani has a similar looking eyeliner that I've always wanted to give a try x


  5. Great selections and I love the look of the body shop minerals and ginger. xx


  6. I love learning about other people's makeup must-haves! Those makeup remover wipes sounds amazing!

  7. That PF Butter Bronzer sounds amazing, with the tropical scent and all! Love that it's offered at the regular drug store too :D


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