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Monday, April 30, 2018

6 Shows That I've Been Watching on Netflix

TV shows I've been binge watching on Netflix lately

Riverdale has been a Thursday night tradition for Jesse and I since it first came out. It is definitely my favourite series on Netflix. This series is based off of the old Archie comics (apparently. Other than the same character names and traits, I don't really see it) with a sort of murder mystery twist. I'm super caught up in the drama and mystery of it all and am invested heavily in basically every single relationship there is. If you haven't watched Riverdale yet, I highly recommend that you give it a watch.

Jesse doesn't like this one a whole lot, but I'm such a fan. It's a little bit trashy, a little bit sassy, and a lot bit dramatic. It actually reminds me of a more business-focussed version of Gossip Girl: beautiful rich people behaving badly, affairs, secrets, loyalty and betrayal. What I think that what love the most about Dynasty is the amount of bitchiness and savagery that Fallon brings to every episode. She alone makes this series worth watching.

The End of the Fxxxing World
We've been watching this very slowly because there aren't a whole lot of episodes in the one season on Netflix. We're actually up to the last episode, but we've been putting off watching it for well over a month. This is such a light-heartedly bleak show - I can't help but love the quirky fuckups that are the two main characters. A pleasant combination of "what the?!" and heartwarming moments, I definitely recommend this show if you're after something quick (episodes are only 20-or-so minutes each) and a little left of field.

This was funny as hell. I always enjoy Britt Robinson's sarcastic characters. The series is loosely based on the autobiography of Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal. Largely appealing to millennials, I would say, the premise of the show is basically a lazy, unmotivated dropkick of a young woman who turns her passion and keen eye for vintage fashion in to a living and hustling her way to the top. It definitely leans more towards the comedy side of things, but it still manages to be rather inspirational at the same time.

A Series of Unfortunate Events
Jesse enjoys this one a whole lot more than I do. I don't think I'd have watched it on my own accord, but I do love me some Neil Patrick Harris and the show does have its moments. I've not read the books, but I have seen the movie starring Jim Carrey and season 1 suck pretty closely to that. It's dark, humorous in a dry kind of way and just a little but campy. The beautiful, almost steakpunk vibe to the sets (as well as Patrick Warburton's commentary) is what makes this such a delight to watch in my opinion.

Blue Planet II
I can't believe it has taken me this long to start watching the second instalment of Blue Planet. I have always adored David Attenborough. I think that I've watched every one of his documentaries to date. Until Blue Planet II, that is. I'm so glad this is on Netflix - it's impossible not to become mesmerised by the bright colours and beautiful shots taken by much more modern technology than what was used back in the days of the original series. Milla is always so involved when we put it on, too. She loves watching the animals and her eyes never leave the screen. Super cute.

What is your favourite Netflix show? I'm always looking for new shows to binge.
ALSO! I can't be other only one who isn't overly excited by Stranger Things??


  1. Whitney BardwellMay 1, 2018 at 5:01 AM

    I am obsessed with Riverdale and I just finished Series of Unfortunate Events! You have great taste so I am going to try these others out! Thanks for the list!

  2. ok either ive bene living under a rock or i need to binge watch more of these shows ha! they all sounds awesome esp girl boss!

  3. I’ve heard that river dale was a good watch, I haven’t seen it yet myself. I’ll have to check it out.

  4. I've gotten really behind on the current season of riverdale and dynasty, but I love them! I also really liked Girlboss and it sucks that they canceled it after one season!


  5. Tabitha Bradley-RainesMay 1, 2018 at 8:40 AM

    I am addicted to Riverdale! Girlboss is on my list to watch.

  6. I loved Girl Boss, Riverdale, and A Series of Unfortunate events! I need to check out some of these other choices.

  7. I've watched Riverdale and Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix. I've read the Archie comics and the Series of Unfortunate Events books. I love watching all the DC and Marvel shows on Netflix. I just finished watching the new Black Lightning show.

  8. I LOOOOOOVE Riverdale...I feel like I'd really like Dynasty since I was such a Gossip Girl fan!!!

  9. I needed this! I'm always struggling with finding new shows to watch on Netflix. Blue Planet II is AMAZING! I love that show.

  10. I hope you've had the chance to check out a couple of these, girl. Sounds like we have similar tastes. :) x

  11. GET ON THESE SHOWS, CAITLIN! Hahaha I love them all. x

  12. 10/10 would recommend Riverdale, girl. :) x

  13. A perfect excuse for a binge watching session. What a shame haha. :P
    I know, right?! Apparently Girl Boss go quite negative reviews. I have no idea why because I really enjoyed it! x

  14. I really liked Girlboss, Tabitha. Shame there's only one season. :( x

  15. Girl's got good taste. ;) Although I may be just a tab biased haha. x

  16. Ooooh my partner has been talking about Black Lightening, actually! Any good? x

  17. YES! If you liked Gossip Girl, there's no reason why you won't enjoy Dynasty. :) They're a little different, but the concept is pretty similar aha. x

  18. Yessssss! Everyone needs a little David Attenborough in their life. ;) x


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