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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

June Look back and July 2018 Goals

Personal and Fitness Goals for June 2018

A recap of how I went with my June goals
Input all food in to MyFitnessPal
"Rewind a year-or-so ago, I was using MyFitnessPal religiously and guess what?! I saw results. Shocker. I have been inputting my calories on-and-off for a few months now, but I always eventually grow tired of the process and end up not bothering. Queue the weight gain... Re-gain? I'd definitely like to get back in to the habit of inputting my meals and snacks in to MyFitnessPal each and every day. It's tedious, but it works."

Cross: I was so of on and off (mostly off) with my food input. I would religiously record everything for a handful of days and then not record anything at all for another handful. 

Find a portable power bank
"I've been meaning to pick up a power bank for years now. I'm doing much more after work these days. Whether it be going to the gym or attending blogger events, it's imperative that I have my phone charged and ready to go. I'm looking for something of good quality, that isn't going to cost me an arm and a leg at the same time. Preferably in pink.. Because I'm basic."

Tick: The Mophie XL Powerstation, in case you were curious (there was a smaller size and a larger size - I went for the middle option). It has already come in handy!

Have at least 2 date nights
"Jesse and I used to have a date night every Wednesday after work. Since building a house, once a week dates aren't as doable with the funds that we have available but it's no excuse to not have any at all! We haven't had a date night in over 6 months, easily, which is sad because I do love spending quality time with him. Adult life has definitely gotten in the way, but I think that two Wintery date nights this month would be wonderful."

Tick: I booked a torchlight tour of Fremantle Prison (highly recommend) and Jesse actually surprised me with a movie date night himself. What a cutie. It was so good to get out and have some fun again.

Visit a (dog friendly) walking trail
"For as long as I can remember, I was excited to get a dog because it meant that I would have an excuse to explore plenty of hiking trails. Do you think that I've visited even one since getting Milla? No, Sir. It would be a great excuse for a doggy playdate and catch-up with a friend and it's an easy way to get a bunch of steps in! Being Winter, there is likely to be far less people around and the creeks and waterfalls should have at least a little water in them. Lovely."

Tick: My sister took me to a trail that is actually about a 5 minute drive from my house. It was lovely and has got me excited for many more trails to come.

What I want to achieve in July
Fridge and pantry clean out
I love an organised space, so every few months (in this case, 12) I like to completely gut and reorganise the pantry, fridge and freezer. Getting rid of anything old, expired and/or forgotten and putting things back in an orderly fashion brings my OCD-ridden self with such peace.

Buy everything needed for our holiday
September 1 just keeps creeping up! I would confidently say that I'm about 95% prepared for our time away, I just need to buy a few small things: sunscreen, bug repellent.. things you don't really think about during the Winter months. I'd also like to check that my bathers still fit and make a little list of the types of outfits that I'd like to bring, making sure that I don't need a new pair of shoes or shorts (what a shame that would be).

Walk Milla every morning
I'm taking a break from the workout plan that I made for myself to work on completing Jacklyn Waterson's full body program (I'm feeling muscles I've never felt before, oh boy). Since, unlike my old workout plan, Jacklyn doesn't require me to get up early for a before work gym session, I've really been enjoying laying-in, which means that I've been skipping Milla's morning walks - oops (it's also the middle of Winter and freezing in the mornings). I do feel bad, though, so rather than rolling over when the alarm goes off, I'll be getting up and moving! I'll be getting up early again when I complete Jacklyn's program and switch back to my original plan so I may as well stay in the habit.

Take body measurements
I'm lifting a lot more weights and doing a lot more muscle work throughout this program than usual, so the scales are only really going to tell me so much. For a true gauge of my progress, I need to be taking body measurements (buying a measuring tape may be a good start) and taking photos from every angle - something that I've been purposely putting off.

Get to a Winter Fest
Perth has some pretty cool Winter activities (in the city and in Fremantle) that I'd love to make a date out of. Considering I've never seen snow, the fake snow in Fremantle is going to be as close as I'll get and sounds absolutely magical. Sipping on mulled wine and watching Jesse attempt to ice skate sounds like a perfect way to spend an evening to me.

What are you hoping to achieve this month?


  1. Yay! I just visited a dog friendly walking trail at the beach, and it was the best!! You'll love it. It's fun to go to new places!!

  2. how lovely are these goals- dog friendly parks are the best!

  3. Way to go on the goal setting. Making a list is so useful. Good luck.


  4. All great goals to have! Date nights are so important especially if both of you are so busy. I know for me and my significant other, we try to have at least a few date nights a month. I completely feel you on the fridge and pantry clean out. It makes it so much nicer when everything is all in one place and organized.

  5. I have just started my own monthly goals and it is inspiring to read others goal's as well. I too have trouble putting my food into my fitness pal but it is very beneficial. Goodluck with your upcoming goals :)

  6. I'm exactly the same way with MyFitnesspal - I'm either all in, or not at all! I managed to do it consistently a couple of years ago and it really did make a difference but I can't seem to get back into it now.

    Good luck with your goals for July!

  7. Brittany DarringtonJuly 5, 2018 at 5:05 PM

    I love the winter fest in Perth. I'll be there for a month. if you have any places you recommend let me know. Happy wine sippin' and ice skating.

  8. Such good goals! I think they are all realistic and yet really set the tone for a successful month! I wish you all the luck in July!

  9. I'm so excited, Chelsea! I can't wait to explore and bond with my girl. <3 x

  10. Thank you! Here's to hoping I accomplish at least a few of them haha. x

  11. I 100% agree, Mistle! It's so easy to get swept up in the monotonous routine of daily life - date nights are super important.
    Oh man I can't wait to tackle our pantry/fridge! I'm so satisfied just thinking about the end result haha. x

  12. Setting yourself monthly goals is such a good thing to do! Good on you for starting. :) All the best with what you want to achieve! :) x

  13. Thank you, Ruth. :)
    You and I sound like we've been having the exact same MyFitnessPal struggles haha. x

  14. I've never been, can you believe it?! I've lived in Perth all my life haah how sad.
    How exciting that you'll be here! If you haven't already been recommended Kings Park (I'm sure you have), definitely add that to your list. Also, the South Perth foreshore at night is beautiful. If there's time, a trip down to Margaret River's wineries and chocolate factories is always a good idea, although that's a bit of a trip haha. x

  15. Thanks, love! "Realistic Goals" is my middle name haha. Hopefully I can achieve what I want this month. x


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