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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bedroom Storage Re-Vamp Inspiration.

As a perfectionist who constantly tires of her surroundings, my room is in a constant state of evolution and I feel it's right time I updated my shoe and make-up storage.
It's too damn hard not to look to designers, models, and bloggers for every single bit fashion and beauty inspiration. Sure, they have dream-worthy wardrobes and killer closets, but let's be real: how many of us have huge walk-in closets? For inspiration that's just as chic but a little more practical, I headed over to Pinterest. Once I got a look at the spaces and all the tips I can take away from them, I'm itching to run home and give my room the makeover it deserves.
Bookshelves are great for organizing just about anything and I'm currently loving using bookcases with square cut-outs to display shoe, make-up and jewellery and as I have limited space to work with, it'd be just the thing for my little space!
I think a trip to IKEA is in order. 

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