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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

April Lookback and May Goals.

I don't mean to alarm you, BUT I ACTUALLY FULFILLED all of April's goals!
For the first time ever, I, Christie Brown, have successfully achieved over 50% of what I had set out to achieve. This is basically the best day of my life, guys and I recently discovered a mango + pineapple + tequila concoction sooo, the standard was set pretty deliciously high.


Help Jesse plan his 21st
I don't really think I deserve to check this off as a success, because he didn't end up having a 21st celebration at all (other than quality time with the best girlfriend ever). I did pester him almost daily and he ended up making a few small plans.. which fell through.. Nonetheless, I did help him to make said plans, which is what I set out to do. This was a success by technicality.

Try 1 new recipe from Pinterest

I didn't end up posting my version of any of the recipes on the blog, purely because I was too lazy to take photos after a crappy day at work, but I adapted this spinach & ricotta lasagne roll-up recipe and made it for Jesse's dinner - and he loved it. I also tried out this avocado egg salad wrap and have had it for lunch probably four times this month.

I really only set out to have a chat with an artist..maybe get a quote when I planned this goal out but I ended up booking an appointment and getting it done a few weeks later (see it here). I've been wanting this tattoo for I don't know how long and I'm so glad I've finally got it!

Organize my iTunes
This one's an ongoing struggle. I've been slowly working my way through my tens of thousands of songs, placing them in albums, complete with cover art. I said I'd be happy if I got through organising half of my library's albums; Whelp, I'm (just) over half way now and patting myself on the back vigorously.
Lose 5% of my body weight

I was so very hesitant to step on the scales last night, because I honestly didn't think I'd be successful at this one.. BUT it turns out, I lost the 3.5kg required to make up 5% of my body mass and then a bit more. I'm attributing this fluke weight loss to losing my car while it gets repaired, meaning I'm walking more and I'm unable to buy junk food dinners whenever I want.


Buy a ball dress
I'm so excited to be going to a ball!
A) I love any opportunity to dress like a princess
B) Jesse looks daymn fiiiine when he fancies up
and C) My high school formal was so very shit (hello, ex boyfriend who ruined the night).
It's about a month away, which means I better get a-searching.

Plan our holiday
Jesse and I have been talking about getting away for a while now, and it's settled: were going down South after June. Seeming as it's about two months away, I should probably book at least the hotel. Maybe. If we want shelter.

Book that dentist appointment
I may as well colour this title in red right now because if there's one thing I'll never ever do by my own free will, it's go to the dentist. BUT I haven't been since I was about 10 AND I'm pretty sure my wisdom teeth are coming through AND I'm pretty sure I also have my very first cavity. But really, do I need teeth? Reeeeeally?

Buy an electric blanket
I try not to complain too much about any season that isn't Summer, but it's not even Winter yet and I literally cannot sleep at night it's that damn cold. My little microwaveable wheat bag used to do the trick, but it's just not cutting it any more.

Clean the fish tank
I reckon it's been a good 6 months since the last time I manually cleaned my 85 litre tank, and there's only so long the filter can do a good enough job. Maybe I'll reward myself with a new fishy friend if I actually get around to it.


  1. Congrats on fulfilling all your April goals!!


  2. Aha thank you! I think it's the first time literally ever that I've done every single thing that I wanted to. :P


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