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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Latest Pins: Seasonal Recipes.

As a vegetarian and an incredibly fussy eater, it's almost ironic for me to say that I love food. But I do. I love the community of food. I love the culture of food. I love cooking for my loved ones. I love sitting around, laughing and eating until my pants need to be unbuttoned. I love browsing food blogs and Pinterest for recipes and inspiration.

Spring and Summer are my favourite seasons food-wise; everything's healthier, fresher, juicier. Those tropical fruits are ripe and juicy, the vegetables are fresh and crisp.

If you follow me on Pinterest, you'd have seen I've gone a little wild with the food pins recently. Sorry not sorry.
Here are six of my favourite seasonal recipe finds that I am looking forward to try out during the warmer months:


  1. These all look sooo amazing!! Wish we were coming up to the warmer months where I live :( xx

    Pillarbox Post


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