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Monday, November 17, 2014

These Are All of my Favourite (Summer) Things.

Before I say anything, can you believe it's already December? As spun out as I was when I woke up and realized it's the last month of 2014, a wave of excitement also washed over me when I remembered that also meant Summer is officially here. 

Summer is where I feel most alive. It is a time when I’m inspired to seek new adventures, to explore, to make new memories. To discover the simple joys of nature and everything around me, to bring a renewed spark to love, life and anything that brings happiness. To feel happy without worries of tomorrow. I get to enjoy life and all that it has to offer. I get to breathe and enjoy the world around me. On top of all the simple little joys that Summer brings, here are 8 more reasons I love the Summer.

1. The Weather

The days are long, the evenings are warm, and the breeze carries the scent of the sea. It’s a great feeling, waking up early to a beautifully warm morning, and realising that the sun is already up.

2. The Activities

There's so much to do during the Summer months; fairs and open-air theatres, concerts and festivals, street parties and carnivals. The markets overflow with fresh fruit stalls, the sales are on, the tourist crowds besiege the city streets. It’s time to explore, to experience, to live. It’s time to make some memories. It’s time to go hiking, fishing, camping, or to cook a BBQ, sit by a campfire, collect seashells, go on a boat ride, or just lie on the beach.

 3. The Food and the Drinks
Summer is my favourite season food-wise; It’s so easy to be healthy with all the fresh, seasonal fruits readily available.
Eating a frozen yoghurt and washing it down with a fruit smoothie doesn’t make you feel miserable, and a fruity cocktail or two is basically expected of you.

4. The Beauty

My bathroom shelves are suddenly overflowing with golden hues.
Lotions and self-tanning mousses, bronzing powders and body shimmers, bright lipsticks and golden eye shadows, and beachy waves are perfectly acceptable in a ny Summer setting.

 5. The Fashion

Blue skies and rising temperatures means that casual lace and carefree breezy tops are staples. I can take out all my sundresses and my sandals and be appropriately dressed for almost anything. 

6. The Water
Australia is blessed with beautiful beaches. I love winding down my windows and getting a whiff of the cool sea breeze.

7. The Good Times 
Summer comes with sun-kissed promises and blue whispers for days filled with bright skies, adventures, and sunset dreaming. With so much to do, I am able to discover people and places that bring about fun and excitement. I get to see more of my friends, spending hours on end playing games, cooking, eating, catching up, gossiping.

8. The Tranquillity

I get to walk on the sand as the days unfold, the world quiet and still. For a brief moment, I get to hear the whispers of the wind, the call of the sea and the beating of my heart.

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