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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Few Favourites of 2014.

Ohai, December 31. 2014 already has only a half a day left and it's hello 2015.
This year has slipped away from me, it feels like. I swear the end of 2013 was only the other day.

Further to yesterday's reflective post, 2014 really has been a great year for so many reasons and I'd like to celebrate a few of my favourites from the year.

Favourite Posts:

Favourite Blogs:

Favourite Beauty Products:

Favourite Recipes:

Favourite Reads:
The Fault in Our Stars // Silver Linings Playbook // #Girlboss

Favourite Moment:
Last year was the first new year's eve that I had a smile on my face the entire night, EVEN THOUGH my body was in the process of death. That (now healthy) smile has not left my face to this day and I have Jesse, my rock to thank for that.

My ultimate favourite moment, and best decision of my life of 2014 was the moment I finally decided to push aside the bullshit I'd been through and taking that blind leap in to the uncertain and said 'yes' to my now boyfriend. Throughout the year - every up and down, twist and unexpected turn, there is one thing I never question about my relationship - how much he truly loves every inch of my being and how much we truly love each other.
I've never been happier.

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