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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Friday Finds.

It spins me out how fast these damn weeks are going by.
I mean, I hate to alarm you, but there's less than two week 'til Christmas. Umwot.
I'm pretty sure it was my birthday just the other day, and now we're within an arm's length from Christmas?! Yeesh.

Anyways, these are my favourite little finds from the past (extremely quick) week:

\\  I actually spotted this Pineapple phone cover on my shopping venture the other week, then re-spotted it online. Shame I don't have an iPhone, or that badboy would be mine.  //
\\  What a good idea this pallet Christmas tree tutorial is!!  //
\\  I fucking hate cats, but I can't get enough of these cat stockings from Boohoo.  //
\\  I love A Beautiful Mess! Seriously, check them out; this adorable
 DIY dried citrus tree ornament tutorial is just an example of the great shit these girls can do.  //
\\  This cake batter ice cream cupcake recipe actually sounds amazing!  //
\\  aaaannnndddd I need this sweat top in my life.  //

Happy Friday, yo! Have a great weekend!

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