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Monday, January 19, 2015

Dem Back to Work Blues.

I'm back to the real world and boy it feels great! I leapt out of bed and arrived at the office feeling refreshing and fully ready to….ah who am I kidding. 
When the alarm went off at some un-Godly hour this morning, I tried to fool myself I still had one more day. Who even are these people who leap out of bed in the morning, anyways? Surely they don’t actually exist, and if they do, they should stop because it can’t be good for your health and it’s making the rest of us look bad.
I really can’t complain, though, at least I got a break! Sure three and a half weeks off work sounds great (and it was) but it makes it very difficult to get back into the daily grind. After weeks of relaxing, eating dinner at 8pm and trotting (or stumbling) off to bed around midnight, imagine the horror of suddenly having an alarm that squawks at you at 6am.

Yup. I'm wallowing in some pretty major 'back to work blues' right now.
It's actually embarrassing. I love my job, and I did basically everything I wanted to do with my time off, so it's not like I wasted my break. I actually feel like I accomplished quite a bit. It's so nice to take time off work and park that ol' brain for a while, but the downside of having an extended break, is that no matter how much I love my job, I've lost all sense of momentum and starting up again feels like such a heavy load to lift. That load of shit that awaits my return was tucked away for a while, but as I've approached re-entry, it's been nagging at me, from the backlog of emails to nonstop phone calls. Now that I'm here, I'm completely overwhelmed.

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  1. Haha, I love this post! It's so true, getting up today was sooo hard xx


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