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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June Beauty Favourites.

Oh June. Between the crazy working week you deliver and the terrible Wintery weather, you really are the bane of my existence. Being at an accounting firm, July is basically the start of a new year for me. We start everything afresh, and Spring is one month closer. Those end of financial year sales don't do any harm, either amirite.

My skin is dry, my hair is frizzy, my lips are chapped.. Let's just say it's not been an attractive month for old mate Christie over here. These nourishing favourites of mine have all been used like crazy over our freezing cold June, deeming it acceptable for me to be seen out in public. (read: It tames the flakey, puffy beast of hideous-ness that I resemble upon waking)

I think this would have to be the most natural product I own. The fact that all the ingredients are natural and pH balanced is the biggest tick of approval in my book. I've got to begin by mentioning that packaging! The bottle comes in the cutest little milk carton box, and the product itself comes in a hygienic pump bottle which delivers the perfect amount of cream every time. I find that one pump is all I need for each application, meaning one bottle is going to last you a long time. The moisturiser does take longer than most to sink into the skin and leaves soft film- which is due to a lack of silicon in the product, but it's not a greasy film, more of a soft barrier which is barely noticeable once fully absorbed anyways. The scent is 100% natural and lingers on the skin for quite some time. find the smell lovely- a pleasant milky almond so I'm not complaining. I don't find it rich enough to give that much needed boost of moisture to really dry areas, so I mainly use it on my hands and up my arms during the day, or apply a few layers to my face over night. Wherever I use it, it has never irritated my sensitive easily-aggravated skin, and I find when I do use it on my face during the daymy make-up has that dewy, glowing look.

I love the fact that this has a twist pump - making it sanitary, and delivering just the right amount needed to completely moisturise your face. This goes on creamy and absorbs, leaving my skin with a glow that's not shiny or greasy. Even better, my make-up wears so well in conjunction with it (liquids, powders, crèmes, you name it)! I know the SPF (15) isn't that high, but really I can't wear a high rated one - they're always so greasy and my oily patches just can't. I was actually wary of this one when I saw there was even SPF15 in it, but it works wonderfully on my skin, and I do think it's helping to improve tone and texture. I had my doubts about the brightening it claims to give and I haven't seen anything to support that fact yet, but it does give me a subtle 'glow' due to it's natural light diffusers, which is good enough for me!

In all honesty, this lipstick is a favourite this month more for the colour than the lipstick itself. Because. dat. colour. Oh lawdy. It's a beautiful peachy-coral shade that compliments my eyes and skin tone perfectly. It was given to me by the woman who did my make-up for the ball and it just finished off my overall look - a fantastic pick on her behalf. The formula is incredibly lightweight, and surprisingly long-lasting. It glides on so smoothly, leaving a semi-glossy finish, and being infused with rose scent, it smells pretty fantastic too. I was assured it wouldn't bleed, but alas, it did. Nothing that can't be managed with the good old concealer around the lips trick (as I discovered on the second use). Being so creamy and rich in moisture, it doesn't dry out your lips, nor accentuate those not-so-flattering flaky patches. All in all, a good colour but the formula could do with a tweak or two. Regardless, this has become my lipstick pick ever since.

Four: It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin
I was put on to this by a friend who, basically, was sick of hearing me whining about my dry, brittle hair. It smooths everything out nicely and gives a good dose of hydration AND protein - just what I've been needing! I personally wouldn't recommend using it any more than three times a week, however, for fear of protein overload but it's a good now-and-then treat for damaged hair. It works well as a post blow-dry smoothing serum and on dry hair to smooth things out. Most commonly, though, I apply it onto damp hair after my shower and focus the product on the ends. Once my hair has completely dried it feels soft, smooth and healthy. It really controls frizz all day long and doesn't feel sticky, crunchy or greasy - rather more lively and looks shinier with every use. Smells lovely too!

It's so hard for me to find a good facial cleanser. My skin is either left too oily or too dry. I've not yet found the perfect wash for my bizarre skin, but this one is by far the closest I've come. It's is a lovely scrub for everyday use - so gentle and non-irritating, yet so incredibly effective. It lightly exfoliates, vastly improving texture the texture of my skin, leaving no dry, flaky patches in sight. Though not particularly "brightening" despite its claims, my skin is left smooth, soft, and even which is all I ask of my cleansing products.


  1. I had no idea that the body shop guys have lipsticks, the shop here in my city doesn't have them. The color looks so chic tho.

  2. I love that Aveeon scrub! I also haven't noticed significant brightening in my skin, it leaves my skin so soft! I also have my eye on that Body Shop lipstick now...looks super pretty!


  3. Aw that's a shame! At least there's always online - which can be dangerous for your bank, BE WARNED! ;) x

  4. It's the closest thing I've found to 'working' for my skin. It's so gentle, so it's definitely not intended for a deep clean, but it does a good job. :)
    Definitely give the lippy a go - it's such a nice shade. x


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