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Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Finds.

Here's all I've found and loved this week:

\\  My life was made when Lauren Conrad kindly informed me that I could add my two favourite things together to make a cotton candy champagne cocktail.   //
\\  How does a pineapple coconut daiquiri sound? How about in a freakin' PINEAPPLE CUP?!  //
\\  Nothing is sounding better to me right now than some refreshing, homemade peach sorbet.  //
\\  I would put this sweet peach tea granita in errrrthing.  //
\\  Grilled peaches and ice cream sounds too good to be true, and is so simple!  // 
\\  Fancying up that old childhood gem - rose flavoured rock candy. How about yes.  //

Fun fact: The peachy/tropical thing happening here is completely accidental. Honestly! It wasn't until I created the picture collage that I realised there was a theme going on.
Time to book a trip to Fiji, me thinks. You win, subconscious. You win.

Happy Friday, kids.

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