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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

May Beauty Favourites.

Are favourites even relevant ten days in to the next month?
June's starring to get away from me already, and the fact that we're halfway through the year is really spinning me out. This hectic work schedule and busy social month business is making for a slack Christie on the blogging front.

On to the (delayed) favourites. I tried such great new, high end products during May, most of which quickly turned in to favourites. Don't you love that? Love at first sight (use)?
Because of that fact, it's shameful I didn't get this post done sooner. But the point is we got there in the end. Right team? Guys? Oh, you all left because I'm a lazy-assed blogger?
Yeah, I don't blame ya.

I treated myself with a sneaky trip to Mecca and made a beeline for the Hourglass section (after which I swiftly exited the store as to not spend $10,000 on luxury makeup).
The quality of this blush is amazing; The powder is very finely milled - I love how smooth and silky it feels, while still remaining incredibly pigmented. I bought 'Diffused Heat' and it compliments my skin tone and blue eyes beautifully and is a perfect shade for daytime wear.
The blush is super easy to work with: easy to blend and hard to overdo, and the finish is just lovely! It's less flat and chalky than a regular blush due to the luminescent powder, giving off a beautifully soft, gentle glow without being sparkly, all the while being incredibly long-lasting.

I literally only bought this because I thought the name was adorable and I had just so happened to run out of my Stay Matte the day before. What a good thing that turned out to be.
My first comment would be to ignore the futile sponge applicator it comes with. Seriously, throw that shit away and apply it lightly with a fluffy brush as it can look powdery and cakey if you apply too much. It has more of a chalky formula and is definitely not as subtle as my Stay Matte powder so it took me a few attempts before I figured how to get it right, but guys, when you get it right, oh boy is it right. It provides medium coverage giving a flawless and silky, matte finish, keeping the shine off my face all day - A great setting powder for foundation, but it also wears wonderfully alone for light daytime coverage. It does have the potential to dry out your face, however, so I recommend moisturising first. I'd recommend that anyways, but it's paramount if you have dry skin. Be warned: it's heavily perfumed. The smell reminds me of Chanel No5 and I don't mind it, but I know others will be turned off by this fact.

I picked this up because I've been in love with Trilogy's rosehip oil since day dot. I love the way this gives my face instant radiance that literally lasts for days afterwards. It's also provides a great base for moisturiser. It's a fine grey mud-like mask, and while it's clay based, it still feels smooth and non drying. I find that leaving it on for five minutes is enough, but I often leave it on for ten. It's gentle on my sensitive skin and yet it works well to clear and balance my skin, leaving it feeling hydrated. Admittedly, I was a little turned off at first because I saw that it came in a pot, but upon discovering the included spatula applicator, meaning you can spread the mask without dipping your fingers in the pot, I was sold! I found the spatula really great as it meant I only used the smallest amount of product, and it helped to spread it evenly over my face. It is quite a runny formula, but it helps with ease of application. Unlike other clay masks I have used in the past, this doesn't give that dry, hardened and taught feeling when it dries and at the end of it all, is easily removed with a warm cloth. Post use, my skin is super clean, my pores are refined and I have an instant radiant glow - an absolute treat to apply at the end of a long, hard week.

I bought these on a whim when I realised I needed  facial wipes when I was packing for my weekend away. See, I wear a lot of eyeliner and mascara, and find it extremely difficult to remove the stubborn traces they leave around my eyes. I've used exfoliating wipes before but none ever were rough enough to actually work, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the exfoliating side of these wipes actually does what it's supposed to. I begin by using the soft make-up removal side, which quickly clears my face, before flipping to the exfoliating side which helps to clear out my skin, unclogs my pores, and removes any stubborn traces of make-up. The rough side was admittedly a lot rougher than I thought it would, be but it's nothing to cry over. My skin is pretty sensitive but I didn't find the wipe overly irritating. I can see how regular use could get a bit nasty, I just don't use them every day. The wipes are huge, so you only need one for a full face clean, and smell fresh and simple. My skin is never left with any sticky, soapy, or greasy residue, nor has it ever felt dry or irritated when I use these, rather refreshed and cleansed.

I finally got my hands on this bad boy and it lived up to my every expectation. Life complete!
It's an incredibly luxurious formula, being highly pigmented and finely milled and unlike other glitter fests highlighters I've trialled, the shimmer particles are not chunky in any way - perfectly capturing the light without looking glittery or chalky. I was actually surprised at how well it wears in daylight and how non-chunky it looks up close. It feels a light as air, giving off a perfect, subtle, lit from within glow without over doing it. Even better, it doesn't budge or move around on top of my foundation. I've used it for full-face highlighting at night, on the tops of my cheekbones and bridge of my nose during the day, and as an inner corner/brow highlight. Whichever way I wear it, I'm never left disappointed.


  1. How amazing is the Mary-Lou Manizer?! I now really want the Hourglass blush, it looks so dang pretty. :)


    Yours Truly, NY

  2. Favorites are relevant any day of the month, don't let anybody tell you otherwise!!! Lol

    I love the mary lou manizer, it's one of my favorite highlighters ever!


  3. Lighting blush looks so gorgeous. xx


  4. I'm so glad I finally got my paws on Mary-Lou! Mahghad.
    Dude. I can't even put in to words how good that dang blush is. It cost me a solid $50, which is usually too much for my stingy ass, but it's honestly worth every cent.

  5. Gosh. I have no words to describe how much I love Mary-Lou Manizer!
    I've been lusting after it for months, but it's so ridiculously priced here in Australia. I'm beyond glad that I finally bit the bullet and spoilt myself - it doesn't even compare to anything else I've tried.

  6. It's so good! Like blush, but on steroids.
    Luminous, flawless steroids. ;)


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