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Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 2015 BellaBox Review.

This month's box theme is Winter Warrior, and it couldn't have come at a better time!
My skin is dry. My hair is frizzy. My lips are chapped. I've lost all colour.
Winter is not my friend, guys. Not my friend at all.

Universal Cosmetics Tint Stick in 'Siren'
I was excited to see this amongst this month's goodies because it's a tint made for dry lips - a perfect Winter pick-me-up, adding moisture and a pop of colour when I'm feeling blergh.
First off, I love the shade! 'Siren' is an opaque cherry red that looks great both as a subtle, pinky sheen, or built up and up to a darker red. Because it’s a tint (as opposed to a crayon or stick), the formula is incredibly long lasting - honestly, the colour lasts for hours, you just need to top up the moisture levels during the day with a good lip balm. The pen dispenser is unlike anything I've seen before. It's made of a stiff, flexible foam that flicks back and forth over your lips on application. The formula is quite thin and inky so you've got to go over yours lips a few times to even out the colour if you want a bolder pout. Even after all those layers, it still felt light and set in without any wetness or stickiness.

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Skin Brightening Cleanser
I always love receiving a full sized product.
Oh how I miss the sunshine - I'm beginning to look hideously sullen so anything that'll brighten up my Winter complexion is alright by me. In all honesty, the brightening claims sound a bit over-reaching to me, but I'm definitely not opposed to trying a cleanser that contains caffeine and claims to wake me up. I can understand why they named this 'morning burst' - It smells wonderful and the fresh, orangey scent puts me in a good mood in the morning (which is not an easy feat). While I'm not sure how brightening it is, it provided the right balance of clean and not being too drying. My face did feel a little tight afterwards, but having combo/sensitive skin, I've not found any cleansers that work for me. Ever. Although I'm not in high hopes, perhaps regular use of this cleanser will showcase it's brightening properties. I'm not impartial to give it a go. 

Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Cream
Being specially formulated for dry, sensitive skin aiding skin repair and moisture retention, this tiny tube of joy is calling to my parched skin. I tried a small amount on my hands and it kept them soft and moisturised all day long. It's a thin consistency and spreads easily, absorbing into the skin immediately without leaving any residue, greasiness or clogging of the pores. Being for sensitive skin, it rightly contains no fragrance and is extremely gentle on the skin. It also worked wonders as a facial moisturiser. This is an all-over body moisturiser, and I can definitely vouch for that, but as I only got a small tube, I think I'll stick to small, dry areas such as the elbows and knees, and to my face.

Jean Patou Eau de Joy Perfum
Okay, I have to start off by saying, this tester vial sucks. I steer clear of vials lacking a spritzer pump. Lids over perfume is a bad idea - you open with too much force, and BAM half the liquid flies out. That's actually how I found out that this perfume is incredibly long lasting.. My sheets still smell of it, very strongly too. It's a white floral, powdery-musk scent; It's not a scent I'm too fond of, so I gave it to my mum.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Unwind Curls Calming Crème
I NEEDED THIS. The freezing cold mornings and days spent blasted by a heater have my hair doing all kind of scary, frizzy things and I love John Frieda everything. I put it in my wet hair, brush it through and let it air dry to get rid of the frizzies or I'll smooth over my dry hair  to tame any fly-aways and to add moisture on a particularly dry day. This stuff makes my hair look "done", but I don't have to do anything! As it starts drying, the product can get a little crispy when used on dry hair, but I just scrunch or brush the crispness out; nothing to it. I was amazed at how soft my hair was and I don't need to use any other products with it. No more hairspray! Smells good too. KA-CHING

BONUS: Palmolive Naturals Active Nourishment Shampoo & Conditioner
Not photographed
We actually have this very shampoo at home.
The smell, guys! AMAZING! Unfortunately, although it does leave my hair feeling silky, I find it's too rich for me, and I'll be unusually oily come midday the next day. Another gift to mum.

All in all, this was a great box! I'm thrilled with the products I received, and I'll be putting majority of them to good use. Like. Now.

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