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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Things my Boyfriend Unknowingly Signed Up For Because I'm a Blogger.

This is basically a thank you/I'm sorry post dedicated to my Jesse (hi), who had no idea that I was a blogger when he decided that he wanted to make an honest woman out of this wild beast. In hindsight, I should have alluded to the fact that he would basically become my personal assistant rather than letting him unknowingly stumble in to the role of "blogger boyfriend" but hey! I believe there is a term that goes: Keep them on their toes?

Thank you, Jesse, for:
  • Standing out in the wind/heat/rain/apocalypse for hours on end to get 4-5 decent photos for a fashion post.
  • Ignoring the strange looks from passers-by when standing out in the wind/heat/rain/apocalypse for hours on end to get 4-5 decent photos for said fashion post.
  • Letting me use your Wi-Fi to finish a post when mine's down.
  • Constantly asking me how my blog is going.
  • Taking me to places I want to go to based on their "instagramability".
  • Listening to me ramble on about a beauty product that you couldn't care less about that I'm in the process of reviewing.
  • Waiting to eat your food even though you're starving so I can get a pretty picture of it.
  • Reading my blog every day no matter how boring it may be to you.
  • Never getting mad when you read about yourself; because you will be mentioned, if not the subject, of about 90% of posts.
  • Deciding which of 10 almost identical photos is the best.
  • Letting me drag you to the latest hipster cafe/restaurant/bar I read about on a friend's blog.
  • Not getting (too) annoyed when I take too long to stage and caption a photo for instagram.
  • Stepping in as photographer when I need you to.
  • Playing along when I try to make it look like I thought up the "date" we are on when I'm actually just writing a review/received free tickets.

I can list so many more, but most of all, thank you, Jesse, for being nothing but helpful, loving, and supportive throughout it all; I know I'm a pain-in-the-ass.

Three cheers for the blogger boyfriends, husbands, and significant others out there!


  1. Aw! Such a cute post, I can totally relate to this, it's so good to have someone so supportive through all the stages of being a blogger!



  2. Aww! This is so sweet! That's awesome that he helps you with all of this!

  3. Oh my gosh I love this!! I might go and thank my blog hubby right now :)

  4. Aww this is probably the cutest post I've ever read :D I have a boyfriend that does the same for me, and I think we're so lucky to have found such amazing guys :) Good luck to both of you (i.e. may he not get tired of all the things above) :D xx


  5. boyfriends and husbands really are the best blogger assistants!

  6. My boyfriend went a step ahead - he is my designer,and my programmer, and my pr, and my stats person, and my everything. What a star!

  7. Awww this is so cute. My fiance, didn't know he would be included in all of this either when I decided to start blogging. Now, he can't wait when I post to see if anything is about him. Thanks for sharing. #TrueList

  8. you guys are so cute! wish you both the best x


  9. Cheers to theBlogger spouses and boyfriends! Sounds like your honey is supportive and proud of you, too! True love is supporting each other's hobbies and interests even when they aren't your own! This post is super sweet!

  10. My gosh what a legend. Give him a pat on the back from me haha. x

  11. Aww it's a good thing he's embraced it with open arms. :)
    Jesse subtly hints when he hasn't been mentioned here in a while too haha - they're all the same. :P x

  12. I couldn't have said it better myself. :)
    He does alright sometimes aha. :P x

  13. Cheers!! Our men deserve a thank you for sure!

  14. This is exactly what my boyfriend has to go through too, love this post! Have you see a video called Instagram Husband? Definitely google for it, you'll get a huge laugh ;)

    xo, alice / T Y P E N U

  15. Aw bless him. :)
    Aha I've not watched it, I'll definitely have to! x

  16. Be sure you do, and give him a pat on the back from me too. :) x

  17. I don't know if I'd have been able to do a lot of it without him. :) x

  18. Sounds like my wife.

  19. Good on her for supporting you. :)


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