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Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Finds.

Here are a few of my internet finds (and loves) from over the past week:

\\  I'm dying over the amazing-ness of caprese stuffed avocados.  //
\\  I love this DIY floating acrylic frame idea! Must try!  //
\\  This waterfall French braid updo is a solid 10.  //
\\  So, grilled garlic beer flatbread basically sums up everything I want out of life.  //
\\  Excuse me! Why isn't all bread rainbow bread?  // 
\\  I love grapefruit, I love daiquiris, I love grapefruit daiquiris.  //

Happy Friday!


  1. That rainbow bread looks delicious! Where in the world can I get my hands on some of that?? Love these finds!

    xo, alice / T Y P E N U

  2. Those stuffed avocados look amazing!! I am also obsessed with that grapefruit daiquiri!

  3. A magical place of hope and wonder. That's where. :P x

  4. How good do they both sound?! I can't wait to give them a try! x


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