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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Current Wishlist. Because I Always Want Things. Always.

My anniversary is in January, Valentines Day has been and gone, my birthday is in October, and Christmas is 9 months away. What's a girl to do during those 7 painful months of nothingness between February 15 and October 17?

Lust. Lust and cry. That's what.

But if anyone wants to buy me a present just because, refer to below for inspiration.
I wouldn't object.

I am in dire need of a (one)palette organiser.

Since I have more than enough charms on my bracelet, I guess I'll just have to settle for (two)this ring. And (three)this oneAnd while we're at it, (four)this one, too

These (Five)boots have been on every single wishlist I've ever created. I wish I was joking.

I'm STILL to get my hands on anything Benefit. I've been lusting after their (Six)Hoola bronzer for as long as I can remember.

Too Faced's (Seven)Cocoa Contour Kit is always sold out whenever I brave my local Mecca. Why, Lord, why?! I've also got my eye on their (Eight)Chocolate Bar Palette.

This (Nine)"Booze" decanter is life.

One day I shall get my hands on this (Ten)Louis Vuitton bag. One day.

I need a light pink shade such as (Eleven)MAC's Crème Cup in my lipstick collection.


  1. I love that LV bag, I wish I would've gotten it rather than it's little sister! Making me want all of those things too!

  2. A few of those things might just make it on my list! Looks like I need to head into Mecca...

  3. Your intro made me laugh, just because my birthday is in July, and I've always thought that it's so completely perfect that my birthday and Christmas are almost exactly half a year apart, so I never have to wait too long for presents! :P hahaha....

  4. Those boots... are... fantastic! I want those too!!

    Plus off I love that decanter as well. Very chic and a classic look. Also who doesn't enjoy something that states it has booze in it. Ha!

  5. I like the boys bon bons palette but I've been dying to get the sweet peach palette ever since it came out but they've been sold out everywhere! I also want one of those makeup organizers because my makeup is way too scattered on my dresser!

  6. The palette organizer is genius. I don't know who made that one up but they deserve an award! Every woman should have one of those. Currently on my wish list is that and the adorable bow ring! The LV bag wouldn't be shabby either! ;)

  7. Haha aww a LV little sister is better than no LV at all. D: x

  8. A Mecca trip is never a bad idea. :P x

  9. Oh man. You're right in the sweet spot, lucky thing. :P x

  10. I've been wanting these dang boots for the longest time! They're gorgeous.
    You can never hate something that is associated with booze. Never. :P x

  11. Oh man. I died when I saw the sweet peach palette! NEED!
    I hear you on the messy desk front haha. x

  12. Right?! I don't know who you are, oh creator of palette organisers, but I will find you, and I will hug you. x

  13. That pallet organizer sounds like a great idea!

  14. That bag and that lipstick though. Fabulous indeed!

  15. I think everyone definitely needs one on their beauty desk. :) x


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