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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

September Look Back and October Goals.

And so concludes my clusterfuck of a September. I apologise for being absent on the blog.. and everywhere else, for that matter. Between working my full-time job, course workshops and deadlines, a concert and a mini "holiday", 25 hours of work experience and two good friends' birthdays, I've had less than no time to do anything other than die work and sleep. Today I have finally caught up with a month's worth of everything, and I can get back in to my routine. Just in time for my birthday - whaddaya know.

Here's a look back at September's goals:

Create a Pinterest board for the blog
"I've read more and more posts recently about the benefits of having a blog Pinterest board. It's something I've been meaning to do for a while, I've just never been overly bothered with the re-taking of "pinable" images, fixing old content, yadda yadda yadda. The benefits, though, are well worth the time."

Cross: I thought about it. I looked at my Pinterest account. I closed the Pinterest tab. Nailed it.

Lose 3kg
"I haven't been doing too well with my weight loss journey lately. I exercise regularly, but then I go ahead and eat all crappy foods. Counterproductive. I really want to focus on my eating this month, and lose at least 3kg before my birthday celebration (October 15)."

Cross: Although I didn't get to the gym enough, I thought that my zero down-time and small set meals would help me to lose weight. I was wrong.

De-stress as much a possible
"September promises to be a hectic month for me. On top of my full-time job, I have birthdays, course workshops, work experience and commitments galore. As someone who handles stress horrendously, I need to take as much relaxation time, just Jesse and I, as I can."

Tick: This one is kind of up in the air. I didn't take the time to de-stress after each day, but I made the most of my mini getaway before it all got hectic. I didn't go on a murderous rampage, so we'll chalk this one up as a win?

October's goals

Finish Event Registrations and make a start on Event Project
GUYS! I only have two units left of my course and I'm done! I have a few months left until my completion date but my study coach has set me the goal of October 14 (You're pushing your luck, Scoob). It's unlikely that I'll have it all done in less than two weeks, but I'd definitely like to at least have the Event Registrations assessment submitted by then.

Get back in to the habit of using MyFitnessPal
I lost a lot of weight when I took the time to record all my food and exercise in the MyFitnessPal app. I got lazy and stopped for a few months, and it's showing in the results. Time to get back to staying under my daily calorie limit.

Buy myself pretty new workout gear
After losing my workout buddy, I find myself getting less and less motivated to get to the gym. I do only have maybe 3 workout outfits.. and they're all pretty daggy. I bet $100 that buying a pretty new Lorna Jane set will motivate me to get back in to it. For a little while, anyways.

Go on more dates
This whole saving for a house thing has meant that Jesse and I have sacrificed a lot of our old lifestyle. I'd definitely like to get out from in front of the TV (AKA our natural habitat) and do more fun things together. There are a lot of inexpensive and even free things we can do, especially now that it's warming up for Spring.


  1. Good goals for October! My favorite is the last one. I have five kids and I think I need more me-time and more dates with my husband to survive more successfully the weekdays.

  2. I, too, have been slacking on my weight loss and I am not proud of it. Here's to a new month and new goals! Good luck with yours, Christie! xxx

  3. I love my fitnesspal! If only I would remember to document everything that I'm eating... wait this is the reason that I need to document it. (Can't say that I'm eating for my hibernation anymore.)

    Happy birthday!!!

    Get out there and kick this month's goals in the booty!! I know that you can do it, Christie.

    Good luck!

  4. Great job with September's goals! I know you'll crush October's too. I need to start using my fitness pal and my fit bit again, too!

  5. I also need to get into habit of using myFitnessPal.. I barely use it for a day before I forget it again- I guess I find tracking too tedious.

    — DT | Here I Scribble

  6. i love your goals.. i think i need to do some work out since I noticed adding few pound lately..aww.. I'm getting bigger this time.. huhu

  7. Aww I definitely think dates and me-time are important. :) x

  8. Thanks, girl!
    I'm super lazy when it comes to documenting my food - I just want to eat and not think ahaha. But I'm getting back in to the habit. x

  9. Ahahaha I'm the same! I just can't be bothered documenting everything. It really is effective if you do use it properly, though. Here's to getting in to good habits! x


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