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Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Finds

Here are a few of my internet finds (and loves) from over the past week:

\\  This recipe for marbled rainbow toast (with Nutella, naturally) is all I need in life.  //
\\  YOU GUYS! These cupcakes are actually DIY glitter cupcake bath bombs!  //
\\  How decadent does a rosewater cream pavlova sound?  //
\\  This pineapple mango rum punch will chase away this week's dreary day blues.  //
\\  How fun and simple are these giant googly eye balloons?  //
\\  I could use about 200 watermelon cupcakes right now.  //

Happy Friday!


  1. Those watermelon cupcakes are on my to make list for 2017! I just think they're so cute and fun; and it's ~kind of~ like eating fruit! 😝

    Those cupcake bath bombs are also gorgeous. There's no way I'd use them if I ever made them!


  2. OMG, so much delicious looking food! Xx

    Kez | acaciasdreams.com

  3. Make me some while you're at it! The fact that they're watermelon ~flavoured~ too makes them 100x better! I agree with you about the bath bombs, too. They're way too cute to actually use. :P x

  4. That pavlova is definitely calling my name! x


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